5 Benefits of the Barberstock DAM in Destination Marketing


To the modern destination marketer, today’s digital world is full of too many assets; from documents, folders and images to videos, VR, UGC and beyond. These forms of content require robust systems to organize, manage, protect and distribute all assets quickly and efficiently.

While you might understand the basic concept behind digital asset management (it’s a system that keeps your files labelled and organized right?), you might be surprised to learn that the Barberstock DAM performs multiple critical procedures beyond organizing files.

If you’re not sure exactly how Barberstock can benefit your destination marketing brand, check out our list of 5 benefits below:


1 The Barberstock DAM Is Customized to Each Destination’s Unique Needs

Keeping all your destination’s content organized in one place isn’t easy. Out-of-date systems store files upon files of incorrectly labelled photos and videos in a mish-mash of hard drives, desktops and memory sticks, making it virtually impossible to find the right asset at the right time. Tack on duplicate photos, misspelled file titles and internal memory issues, and you have an asset disaster waiting to happen.

The Barberstock system is custom-designed for this industry, and employs effective naming conventions and search functions specifically tuned to destination marketing hierarchies and workflows.

For example, The Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism Network used Barberstock’s digital asset management system as a collective database that could both unify their network of three tourism bureaus, but also keep each individual photo library distinguishable from the others. The DAM also created better branding, automation and a more cohesive user request system—all benefits that have significantly increased downloads for the DMO. Not to mention, all three bureaus can now enjoy the ease and efficiency of working within a unified platform.



2 The Barberstock DAM Evolves with the Changing Times, Taking on New Mediums

“From our DAM system’s inception, we’ve known that flexibility and adaptability are two of the most important components for success,” says Anthony Bocquentin, Barberstock’s President. “For instance, we’ve seen the rapid rise of social media’s influence on marketing, and user-generated content, in particular, and have enabled integrations to streamline the collection of these assets.”

In fact, in 2017, Barberstock partnered with Chute, a leading provider of UGC management for some of the world’s biggest brands. The partnership lets clients effectively store, use, manage, and distribute user-generated content easily, resulting in easier production, distribution and organization of UGC assets for social media marketing. And this year, Barberstock launched an integration with Stackla, another leader in UGC, in addition to Hootsuite. Both UGC integrations allow only rights-approved content to be transferred into Barberstock to ensure the proper handling and distribution of user content. Learn more about how Visit Greenville uses the Barberstock/Chute integration.



3 The Barberstock Team Knows Their Stuff

The Barberstock team is comprised of visual content experts. As files grow larger and libraries grow bigger, the Barberstock DAM adapts to the new technologies and knows how to reign these files in. From 4K  and 360 video, to RAW and TIF image files, the Barberstock team knows how to handle all file types and the best practices for storage and distribution.

“Barberstock understands travel and tourism, and that’s because it’s the primary market we serve. So, for instance, 360-degree video and images aren’t assets that many marketers are managing right now, but for DMOs, this technology is huge, which is why we’ve recently added support for these technologies,” Anthony adds.

“It’s truly a passion that we pursue, and our clients really understand the benefit of that.”


Barberstock Booth
Barberstock’s Deanna, Anthony and Nicole attending DMA West Tech Summit


4 The Barberstock DAM Can Enable Complete Control of Permissions and Distribution for Assets

“We’ve had many clients come to us because they need help managing their distribution process with partners, users and photographers. Not only that, but they also need to manage the internal permission and distribution process too,” says Nicole Grima, Accounts & Operations of Barberstock. “These aspects are fundamental to every destination marketing organization’s success, because so many of their daily processes rely on getting photos to media partners quickly, or managing photos that they’ve received quickly. If photos aren’t in the right hands at the right time, things can go haywire quickly.”

That’s exactly the issue The Marin County Convention & Visitors Bureau had with their former content management system. In particular, they had trouble managing their large portfolio of photos via a free online photo sharing program. With the program, they couldn’t control the quality of downloads or properly credit photos to photographers. Using Barberstock’s DAM system, they were able to organize their library and control access which in turn, saved employees valuable time, while ensuring that only the best photos of Marin County were shared across the globe. With better photos getting into the right hands and the right time, awareness of the destination increased greatly.



5 Barberstock Offers The Only Full-Service DAM

What is a full-service DAM? It means the Barberstock team does all the heavy lifting. All you need to do is send us your assets and we work with your team to get them organized and looking great. From identifying duplicates and corrupt or low-quality files, and making recommendations on folder structures based on industry best practices, we’ve worked with hundreds of DMOs so our team knows what works and what doesn’t. Barberstock will set you up for success.

Managing large b-roll files has become a major pain point for many of our tourism clients, so we offer clip cutting as part of our full-service offering. With this service, storing, organizing and sharing b-roll files has never been easier.


To learn more about how Barberstock’s DAM system has helped some of the world’s biggest DMOs achieve their marketing goals, read our Case Studies here!