The Barberstock App is Now Available on Hootsuite

Streamline workflows and save time by using the Barberstock app to import photos from your Barberstock digital asset library to Hootsuite. Search your entire library and share content directly to your social media channels via Hootsuite.

This seamless integration will allow you to store all of your digital content in one central location ready to access for social posts when needed. Plus, there is no cost to install the app in your Hootsuite account.

Here’s how to install and use it:

1. When logged into Hootsuite, go to your App Directory and search for the Barberstock App.


2. Once installed, you can use the app in the ‘Composer’.


3. Open your Media Library and select the ‘Free Images’ drop-down.


4. You will see the Barberstock app and once selected, you can log-in to your Barberstock account and all images in your library will appear.


5. Use the search to find the specific image you are looking for.


6. Click on the image to add it to your post.


It’s that simple! You can post to any social media platform linked to your Hootsuite account and attach as many images as you like.

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