The Impact of Overtourism and What DMOs Can Do About It

Defining Overtourism

In September of 2018, the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) and George Washington University’s International Institute of Tourism Studies joined forces to organize a World Tourism Day Forum in Washington, DC. The main topic on their agenda was overtourism, which they defined as “Tourism that has moved beyond the limits of acceptable change in a destination due to quantity of visitors, resulting in degradation of the environment and infrastructure, diminished travel experience, wear and tear on built heritage, and/or negative impacts on residents.” Read More

Tips for Better B-Roll Footage

It’s easy for B-roll to become the afterthought of most film shoots. Largely considered supplemental footage, many crews will not put much effort into planning and shooting it—which can be a costly mistake in the long run.

While A-roll is the footage that tells the story through interviews, dialogue or text, B-roll is the footage that shows the story beyond words and it should be considered as equally important in crafting a video that is multi-dimensional, visually appealing and interesting—especially in destination marketing.

Not sure how to improve your B-roll footage? Don’t fret, because we’ve compiled a list of tips below:


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Top Tourism Slogans and Why They Worked

While it’s not the sole reason for a destination’s success with travellers, a good tourism slogan can do great things to boost a place’s reputation and image. Coming up with a good one is not easy, however. Behind every great slogan is a lot of work, research and debate. Marketers need to consider the current reputation of the destination, the new direction, and whether locals and city officials want to get on board with the image. More importantly, whatever the slogan aims to claim—it should be somewhat true, and easy to understand too. Good timing also helps tremendously. With that said, we’ve compiled a list of top tourism slogans and the reasons behind their success. Here they are: Read More

How to Batch Edit Metadata When Uploading Assets

Uploading files to your digital library and updating them with relevant metadata and usage rights is a snap when you batch edit.

At Barberstock, we are all about time-efficiency and ease of use, so follow along this handy tutorial the next time you are uploading a fresh set of images to your platform! Read More

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Tourism Industry: What Every DMO Needs to Know 

Technology is so commonplace in our daily lives that it’s easy to forget what travelling used to be like. There was a time when agents actually sat with you to explain how to get the best deal on your next vacation, when payments were cash-only, and when maps were physical sheets of paper.

Thinking about what used to be, it’s not difficult to see how greatly technology and artificial intelligence have impacted the travel and tourism industry in our modern day. From automated asset management to targeted ads and chatbots, the industry is quickly becoming reliant on AI in many areas—especially marketing.

Want to know more about how AI is changing the industry in 2019? Take a look at our list of trends below: Read More

5 Questions to Ask When Setting Up a DAM

Although the job of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is to make your life easier, the initial setup can seem a bit daunting. With so many files and so little time, how is it possible to get it done? We’ve put together a list of questions to ask yourself when setting up your DAM in order to simplify and streamline the process. And hopefully make it a little less daunting.


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Gastronomy Tourism Trends for DMOs

International cuisine is one of the main reasons why travellers choose a destination. As part of the cultural experience, it allows them to understand the essence of a city or town using all five senses. With a spectacular local meal, you can breathe in the fragrant smell of native herbs and spices, see the vibrant colours of indigenous fruits and vegetables, hear the sound of sizzling traditional dishes, feel new textures on your tongue, and—most importantly—taste irreplicable flavours of delicacies that have been passed down from generation to generation. Read More

Top Tips for Travel Photography

Travel photography has changed drastically over the past few decades. Long gone are the days of film and dark rooms and here now are endless options for software and digital technology to take, edit and store our best pictures. Moreover, smartphone advancements have allowed the light-traveller to nix heavy DSLR, SLR or digital camera gear in favour of on-the-go mobile cameras, apps, attachments and lenses.

For those looking to optimize their travel photography in 2019, here are our best tips below: Read More

Barberstock + Simpleview CMS Integration

Simplifying workflows is our main objective at Barberstock. From creating tools to make sharing, receiving and organizing content easier to integrating with other systems to eliminate the download and re-upload of assets.

The major integration that has saved DMO clients countless hours of re-downloading and uploading content is Barberstock’s integration with the Simpleview CMS. This integration allows users of both systems to directly import assets from their Barberstock library into their CMS to be used on their website. Here’s an overview of how it works: Read More

Understanding Your Key DMO Digital Channels in 2019

If there is one constant truth in digital marketing, it’s the fact that nothing remains constant in digital marketing.

Only a few years ago Snapchat was the darling social media disruptor that threatened to dethrone reigning platforms, and then with one horribly offensive marketing ad and the swift movement of Rihanna’s social influence, it was no longer a contender, losing roughly 800 million dollars in the week following the fiasco.

Meanwhile, slick websites that used up large chunks of the marketing budget were once the golden egg for attracting consumers, until people switched gears and focused their interests on mobile convenience.

The list of changes goes on and on, begging the question: How do you know where to focus your efforts in an ever-changing digital landscape? Take a look at our list of key channels for 2019 below to get a better idea: Read More