The Benefits of Travel Blogging in Destination Marketing


Travel blogs can be lucrative assets for destination marketing campaigns or websites. Able to increase traffic, readership and even ROI, they have many benefits that destination marketers can harness in today’s online world. Not sure what benefits a travel blog can bring to your destination? See our list below:

How to Capture The Perfect Holiday Moment

The holidays are here! A time for family, friends, food and festivities. It really is the most wonderful time of the year with many special moments – moments that you’ll always want to remember. Taking photos through the holidays is essential. It only happens once a year, so you want to capture all of the memories. Quite often taking photos is easier said then done. We can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, we often forget to cherish those moments. By simply making a point to take photos, you’re already on the right track. Here are a few more ways to capture the perfect holiday moment.

The 5 Most Important Video Trends in Tourism Right Now

There are two things we know for sure in marketing:

  1. Content marketing reigns supreme
  2. Video tops the list of most effective content

These facts aren’t revelations; every destination marketer knows this to be true. But the key to capitalizing on these two simple truths is to stay on top of trends. Whether it’s being a pioneer or jumping on a bandwagon, the only way to know if trends are actually effective is to try them out.

The Difference between Travel Writing & Travel Blogging


It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when blogging was widely considered a personal pursuit for the inexperienced hobbyist or writer. The mere mention of the title as a profession either brought about looks of confusion or disdain, while the thought of every major business hosting their own blog or hiring full-time bloggers to write for them seemed out of this world.

Fast forward a decade or so, and blogging has become an essential function in marketing, welcoming experienced writers, journalists, photographers and “experts,” in addition to enthusiastic hobbyists from nearly every industry—including the travel industry. While print travel writing and travel journalism are still relevant, they are not as prominent as they used to be, and offer very different benefits to readers.

Photo Hoarding: What To Do When Your Photo Library Is Out Of Control


In the age of digital, taking photos is a breeze. Gone are the days of taking your film into the lab, we get the instant gratification of seeing the photo immediately. If it’s not perfect – just take another one. Need to get a different angle – snap a few more. Plus, we literally have a camera at our fingertips at all times with our mobile devices. You’ll never miss an opportunity to capture that special moment.