How Promoting Sustainable Tourism Benefits Destinations

In an earlier post, Top 5 Destination Marketing Trends and Tips for 2018, we discussed the rise of sustainable tourism in 2018. In this week’s blog, we will find out how sustainable tourism benefits DMOs specifically. From strengthening a destination’s local growth and economic development to preventing environmental decay of popular tourist sites, there are many reasons to promote this up-and-coming, do-good style of tourism.

Photo Composition 101: The Rule of Thirds

Perhaps one of the most well-known ‘rules’ in photography, the ‘Rule of Thirds’ is all about creating well balanced, interesting shots through the use of a compositional technique that resembles a ‘tic-tac-toe’ grid.

Some photographers swear by this technique, others love to break it often (and intentionally), and yet others consider it to be a complete myth. Possibly due to it’s simplicity. Whatever you might make of it, it’s definitely a ‘rule’ worth knowing about. Even if you choose to break or forsake it! 

New Feature: Download Request

Our latest feature is for clients that want to enhance their Barberstock library’s ‘download workflow’, with a little more control over who is downloading their digital assets, and for what reason.

Case Study Profile: Experience Grand Rapids Gets Organized


Though Digital Asset Management has been around for a while, it requires explaining to even the most tech-savvy business folk. Some of the most common questions we get asked are: What is DAM, and why do DMOs need digital asset management?

After covering these fundamentals, we still get requests to see how all of this works in the real world of destination marketing. That’s why we’ve compiled a set of case studies that profile successful clients, such as Experience Grand Rapids (ExGR), who have been able to reap a wealth of benefits from the Barberstock platform. Today, we profile their success story in our blog.

Feature Highlight: Contributor Upload Portal


The Contributor Upload Portal allows members, partners, photographers, agencies or other external users to upload content to your library without having full administrative access.

Many of our clients are successfully using this feature to streamline workflows and save time from obtaining files from various sources, then uploading them to the platform.

It can all be done in one place! Here’s how it works: