Street Art and Mural Tourism Basics for DMOs

Colourful murals created by a variety of established and emerging artists have been popping up all over the world, injecting cities with beauty, culture and art-focused tourism over the past few years. They are so prominent and popular that they have even become their own segment of tourism, called ‘mural tourism’ or ‘street-art tourism’. Read More

DAM Must-Have’s for DMOs

Photos and videos are a huge part of destination marketing. Visual content is a major driving factor for consumers looking to book their next getaway. Luckily for destination marketers, there is no shortage of visual content (for most that is).

When it comes to photos and videos, it’s not only the quality and quantity of the content that matters, it’s how you manage all of that content. This is where a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system comes into play. It’s a tool that allows brands to store, organize, manage and distribute their mass amounts of digital content. Whether you have a library of 500 or 50,000 files, it’s essential that these assets are easy to find and don’t get into the wrong hands.

For Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), there are a few essentials that a DAM should have in order to properly manage all of that visual content: Read More

Influencer Marketing in 2019 for DMOs

Influencer marketing has undergone significant changes in the past year. The budgets are higher, the competition stiffer and the strategies far more varied than in the past. As more DMOs adopt influencer campaigns, it’s important to stay ahead of the pack with the current trends and approaches. While exciting and able to achieve great returns, this form of marketing is still nascent and prone to drastic fluctuations that are in parallel with the ever-changing social media landscape. Not sure where to start with your influencer marketing tactics in 2019? Check out our key points below: Read More

Top Video Trends in Destination Marketing 2019

We’re almost halfway into 2019 and can clearly see which marketing tactics are dominating the industry thus far. Unsurprisingly, video remains at the top of the heap. For DMOs in particular, it has been deemed “the new currency” that will play a major role in whether travellers decide to purchase a trip or not.

With 81% of businesses already using video as a marketing tool, it’s safe to say that the competition in this arena is stiff. It’s not enough to just post videos on your social media channels anymore; you must optimize the aspect ratios and formats for appropriate devices, customize the video length for the channel, and target your audiences with the right message at the right time. Read More

Live Video in Destination Marketing

Live video is a powerful tool for the modern destination marketer. Appealing to audiences with authenticity, transparency and unscripted interaction, it works because it allows them to experience a destination from new and unfiltered angles.

So powerful is this medium that, in 2018, Facebook reported

  • Live broadcasts doubled year over year since the feature debuted in 2016
  • Live broadcasts won six times the interactions of regular videos
  • There were 3.5 billion total Facebook Live broadcasts and more than 150 billion reactions to Live video
  • Read More

The Impact of Overtourism and What DMOs Can Do About It

Defining Overtourism

In September of 2018, the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) and George Washington University’s International Institute of Tourism Studies joined forces to organize a World Tourism Day Forum in Washington, DC. The main topic on their agenda was overtourism, which they defined as “Tourism that has moved beyond the limits of acceptable change in a destination due to quantity of visitors, resulting in degradation of the environment and infrastructure, diminished travel experience, wear and tear on built heritage, and/or negative impacts on residents.” Read More

Tips for Better B-Roll Footage

It’s easy for B-roll to become the afterthought of most film shoots. Largely considered supplemental footage, many crews will not put much effort into planning and shooting it—which can be a costly mistake in the long run.

While A-roll is the footage that tells the story through interviews, dialogue or text, B-roll is the footage that shows the story beyond words and it should be considered as equally important in crafting a video that is multi-dimensional, visually appealing and interesting—especially in destination marketing.

Not sure how to improve your B-roll footage? Don’t fret, because we’ve compiled a list of tips below:


Read More

Top Tourism Slogans and Why They Worked

While it’s not the sole reason for a destination’s success with travellers, a good tourism slogan can do great things to boost a place’s reputation and image. Coming up with a good one is not easy, however. Behind every great slogan is a lot of work, research and debate. Marketers need to consider the current reputation of the destination, the new direction, and whether locals and city officials want to get on board with the image. More importantly, whatever the slogan aims to claim—it should be somewhat true, and easy to understand too. Good timing also helps tremendously. With that said, we’ve compiled a list of top tourism slogans and the reasons behind their success. Here they are: Read More

How to Batch Edit Metadata When Uploading Assets

Uploading files to your digital library and updating them with relevant metadata and usage rights is a snap when you batch edit.

At Barberstock, we are all about time-efficiency and ease of use, so follow along this handy tutorial the next time you are uploading a fresh set of images to your platform! Read More

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Tourism Industry: What Every DMO Needs to Know 

Technology is so commonplace in our daily lives that it’s easy to forget what travelling used to be like. There was a time when agents actually sat with you to explain how to get the best deal on your next vacation, when payments were cash-only, and when maps were physical sheets of paper.

Thinking about what used to be, it’s not difficult to see how greatly technology and artificial intelligence have impacted the travel and tourism industry in our modern day. From automated asset management to targeted ads and chatbots, the industry is quickly becoming reliant on AI in many areas—especially marketing.

Want to know more about how AI is changing the industry in 2019? Take a look at our list of trends below: Read More