Barberstock: A Full-Service DAM

At Barberstock, we pride ourselves on being the only Full-Service DAM on the market. But what does that really mean?

It means that after working with tourism brands for 10 years, we realized many of them needed additional help uploading and organizing their files into Barberstock. It’s one thing to provide a place for all of this content, but it’s another to make sure the files are searchable, organized and easily accessible. As their digital libraries grew, their need for extra assistance grew.

That’s why our team spent years developing our full-service support. We really wanted to nail down the pain points our clients were experiencing, and then create simple and effective solutions. After many success stories, we now offer Full-Service DAM to all Premium Barberstock clients. Here is a brief overview of what is included:


1. Complete Hard Drive Migration: Load up a hard drive and send it our way. Our team will upload all of the files to your asset management system with any existing folder structure or embedded metadata.

2. Identification/Removal of Duplicate and Corrupt Files: We’ll make sure only usable files are in your library by eliminating the duplicate and corrupt ones.

3. Full Content Audit and Curation: Based on client guidelines and industry best practices, we’ll thoroughly review and cull your entire brand asset catalogue. Give us the parameters and our team will do the rest.

4. Organization and Categorization of Files: If you need specific files moved to Access Groups, Categories or Collections, we’ll configure your library so it’s easy to navigate.

5. Metadata: Our team of DAM experts will clean-up or edit any metadata fields.

6. 4K/HD Video Clip-Cutting or Trimming: Our in-house production team can cut b-roll into clips or assist with other video editing requirements.



Though these services are the pillars of our Full-Service DAM, they are certainly not limited to the above. Tell us what you need and our team will work with yours to achieve the results you want.


Not Sure How a Full-Service DAM Can Benefit your Organization?

Here are five examples of how our clients have utilized our services to save money, time and resources:

1. SLO CAL (San Luis Obispo County) 

Extended Team of ‘Super Contributors’ 

A county with beautiful, unique locations, SLO CAL opted for a decentralized asset management model that empowered their local partners to maintain the digital asset library with a stream of fresh imagery. High-level admin duties, such as managing user requests and profiles, remained with the core admin team at SLO CAL, while ongoing asset maintenance, such as uploading fresh images, applying appropriate keywords and archiving outdated assets, was extended to a team of ‘Super Contributors’. These Super Contributors received direct support from their Barberstock Account Management representative and extended team, making the process simple and easy.

This innovative set up saved the core admin team at SLO CAL valuable time so they could focus on their real work. Now, they can perform their daily duties with ease because they know their partners are in safe hands with access to immediate and direct support from Barberstock personnel.


Photo Credit: Highway 1 Discovery Route


2. Guadalajara

Title Renaming 

The extra effort it takes to rename image titles from the standard camera version, such as ‘IMG_123.jpg’ to something more user-friendly, visually appealing and searchable like ‘Hilton Hotel 01’ is worth it, but it’s also time-consuming and last on everyone’s to-do list.

A secret to getting the job done quickly and efficiently is to allow the Barberstock Production Team to do the renaming for you!

For Guadalajara, our team sorted thousands of images into sub-folders, and swiftly renamed them. We used the original folder names as a reliable indication of what the new titles should be in Spanish. This method works with multiple languages and has given Guadalajara countless hours of time back. They can now find all the files they need in an instant and never have to worry about finding, re-naming and organizing their raw images.



3. Visit Raleigh

Video Clip Cutting and Organizing

Visit Raleigh came to us with over 2TB of long, unedited 4K b-roll footage. Because they didn’t have the internal resources or time to edit this footage, they left this video content untouched and unorganized—but the files kept coming. That’s when they decided to load up a hard-drive with their content and sent it our way.

The Barberstock in-house production team went through all of the footage and cut it into usable clips. The clips were then uploaded to Visit Raleigh’s Barberstock library and organized into Categories and Access Groups. Barberstock retained 4K video files and also made two smaller HD sizes. In the end, Visit Raleigh had an organized, searchable video library and all they had to do was send us the files. Since then, we’ve cut, organized and uploaded terabytes upon terabytes of raw b-roll footage for the destination, who now has more time to focus on their real work.



4. Visit Frederick/Catch Des Moines

Folder/Category Restructuring

Creating a folder structure is easier said than done. When you are working in a system with multiple people, folders can get out of control, as was the case for both Visit Frederick and Catch Des Moines. Both DMOs found that images were getting saved multiple times in different folders and there were folders within folders within folders that contained a single photo. As a result, they had hundreds of folders to sift through and files were difficult, if not impossible, to locate.

The first step to reducing their folder count was to create a ‘Folder/Category Tree’ of all of the folders that they had. Next, the DMOs advised our Barberstock team on which folders could be combined and deleted, and then we went to work. Now, both organizations have a simple, clear folder/category structure within their Barberstock library, making it a breeze to find files.



5. BC Ferries

Full Library Cull

After years of using Barberstock, BC Ferries realized their image library was getting out of control. They weren’t sure if they had rights to use some of the imagery, photos were of poor quality and there were way too many files to keep track of. Lacking the resources to audit the library internally, they provided a guideline to the Barberstock team. The guideline included instructions such as ‘delete all images with people in them’ and ‘only keep the best version of similar photos.’ In order to keep track of the progress of the 10,000+ photo library, we worked in batches of 1000 files at a time. As we completed a batch, we sent it to the BC Ferries team to review, and once approved, we deleted, archived or moved the photos into their permanent library based on the action.

Although this project is still a work in progress, the BC Ferries asset library has seen considerable improvement and they are able to put their best imagery at the forefront without having to worry about organizing files themselves.


Photo credit: Kent Kallberg


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