Barberstock’s Best of 2018!

We rounded up the Barberstock team and asked for their top highlights of the past year. From travel to family, record deals to football, here’s what they had to say:

Nicole Grima – Accounts & Operations Manager

1. Short Distance Travel Adventures & Food. So much GREAT food!

My 2018 was peppered with many fun and unique travel adventures within Canada and the USA. I made a point of adding on a few extra ‘buffer days’ to most of my business trips, so that I could really see what the location had to offer, and do some solo-exploring which I enjoy so much. As a foodie and architecture fan, I particularly enjoyed my New Orleans, LA and Spokane, WA trips, and would love to revisit. I wish both locations had direct flights from Vancouver BC! For real – why is this not available already?! I also organized some super dope 100% pleasure trips to ‘easier-to-get-to’ locations; Kelowna, BC and Seattle, WA, which I visited this time around with my boyfriend. We went to the best places to eat and did some classic ‘touristy’ sight seeing since he hadn’t been to either location in recent history. We had a fab time!

Best Places to Eat List:
Spokane – Inland Pacific Kitchen UNREAL! I would fly there again just to eat here. I hope they become world famous.
Seattle – M Bar The team at Visit Seattle overwhelmed me with all their great restaurant suggestions, including this one that comes with a killer view of the Space Needle.
NOLA – Domilise’s Po Boys & Bar So authentic, unassuming and tasty after a very hot graveyard tour!
Kelowna – Mission Hill Winery Lots of close, neck-to-neck seconds here, but this winery’s ambiance is really out of this world.

Mission Hill Winery – Kelowna, BC

2. Starting Mandarin Lessons

A highlight and a challenge yet to be conquered.

The language is renowned to be super difficult for native English speakers, and it is so different from any other language I’ve studied in the past – Maltese, French, Italian, German, Spanish.

Yet, insatiable curiosity finally pushed me to enrol in some classes this Summer. It’s slow going …. but you got to start somewhere!!

Nicole’s Mandarin Notes

Candace Coulson – Customer Success Associate

2018 was quite the year! Highs and lows, but mostly HIGHS! A MASSIVE highlight for me was being able to see my favorite football team, The Green Bay Packers play live in Seattle!

Candace & husband, Matt, at Green Bay Packers game


This year was also the year I started with Barberstock! This has been by far my favorite job ever and I have such an incredible team that I look forward to working with everyday!

Barberstock’s Deanna, Candace & Nicole


Craig Ellenwood – Production Manager

In 2018, I took a summer vacation to Jasper and Banff and hiking and canoed in the Canadian Rockies. I also go some new glasses and was signed to an electronic music record label and will be releasing a new record/cd in 2019.


Craig’s new glasses


Anthony Glazebrook – Software Developer

We welcomed our second child, Austin, into the world. Born 7lb and conveniently popping out around 3pm so I could collect our daughter from daycare! His sister loves him like crazy and we had our first family Christmas with the four of us.

Baby Austin


Thoroughly enjoyed the trip down to Tucson to our headquarters. Tucson is surprisingly beautiful considering the climate down there! July is not necessarily the coolest time of the year to visit!

Tucson, Arizona


Deanna Sparling – Director of Operations

Travel always seems to top my list highlights year after year. My work travels took me to some great places including Spokane – which was an impressive destination; Arizona- hot as always; California – Nicole & I went on an adventurous road trip to visit clients; New Orleans – where I spent a very memorable birthday. We took our first big family vacation with our little one to Hawaii and my husband & I got to explore our beautiful province going to Salt Spring Island and Tofino.

Deanna & baby Renzo in Hawaii


Getting back into training and race mode after being on maternity leave was a big highlight. I’m at my best when I have a fitness goal in sight. I completed a half marathon, three sprint triathlons and an olympic distance triathlon in 2018. For 2019, I have a half Ironman on my radar!

Race mode

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