Case Studies: DAM Solutions for Content Management Challenges

There are many advantages to focusing on one main market. In particular, if one client faces a challenge, it’s likely that other clients are facing that same challenge too. This is one of the reasons why Barberstock continues to focus on Digital Asset Management solutions for tourism and travel. When working with tourism organizations, not only do we make recommendations and share best practices based on our experiences with clients, but we also develop new features and solutions based on common challenges clients have asked us to tackle for them.

Here are a few examples of how client content management challenges have turned into fundamental features of the Barberstock solution:


Destination Greater Victoria: Using DAM Data to Improve and Regulate Visual Content

Destination Greater Victoria had a wealth of assets at their disposal, but they wanted deeper insights on their photos and videos so they could better allocate their content resources.

In particular, they needed to know which assets were being downloaded, who was downloading them, and how frequently these downloads were occurring. Noticing that many of their images were being overused, they asked Barberstock to create monthly analytics reports that measured all of this data.

We delivered on this request, creating ‘Statistics’ reports—a feature that is now available to all clients and has helped many DMOs understand the performance of their assets better.


Courtesy of Destination Greater Victoria
Credit: Villa Eyrie Resort


The Challenge

Destination Greater Victoria’s Media Relations team had several challenges they wanted to address, including the following:

  • They wanted to know exactly which images and videos of the destination were being used by the media
  • They noticed many photos were overused and wanted to prevent this
  • They wanted to obtain all ‘download by user’ statistics to keep on record for legal purposes


The Solution: Statistics

Barberstock decided to send Destination Greater Victoria monthly reports with key statistics, including ‘downloads by user,’ ‘access groups’ (in particular their media access group) and ‘top image downloads.’

After a few months, our team realized this information would be valuable to all clients, so we implemented an in-system feature that let clients pull this data on their own.

Our ‘Statistics’ feature now lets clients pull critical information related to their content, including

  • New users
  • Image and video downloads by user/access group
  • Total downloads
  • Top keyword search terms



The Results

With the new feature, Destination Greater Victoria now

  • Monitors which images are being downloaded the most by the media and are constantly retiring and refreshing content based on this data
  • Keeps all reports on file should usage need to be checked in legal situations
  • Has a better understanding of what visuals the media are looking for, and creates new content based on this knowledge

As marketers, we know if you don’t measure, you can’t improve. DAM reports and statistics let you improve your overall content marketing strategy by giving you insights that you can leverage to improve your marketing objectives.

Learn more about using DAM analytics to leverage your visual content here.


Hawaii Tourism: Custom Download Workflows

Hawaii Tourism needed two separate workflows to manage permissions for their large database of assets. Barberstock took on this challenge and delivered a system that meticulously separated assets and permissions for internal and external users. Realizing the value of creating specific permissions and workflows for critical assets, we eventually rolled out a ‘Download Requests’ feature that has proven popular among many of our clients.


Courtesy of Hawaii Tourism
Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson


The Challenge

Hawaii Tourism had a large library of assets that needed to be separated into assets for external users and assets for internal users. Needing to restrict permissions on different assets for both groups, the Hawaii team asked Barberstock to address the following challenges:

  • Create different download workflows for their internal team and external users
  • Ensure each workflow housed and restricted access for its separate photo and video downloads
  • Record critical user data, including the name of the person downloading, the name of the asset, and the user’s specific reasons for downloading the asset
  • Offer many download workflows and settings for different users and files


The Solution: Dual Libraries and Download Requests

To deliver on the requests, Barberstock created two separate platforms for Hawaii Tourism: The Internal Team Library and the External User Library. Each library had multiple access functions, allowing for seamless access and administrator permission control over each asset. It also recorded critical user data, including the name of the person downloading the assets, the name of the asset, and reason for downloading. The libraries also had different registration processes and download workflows.

For example, The Internal Team Library settings

  • Required an approval process upon registration
  • Required users to enter a reason before downloading assets
  • Allowed users to access document and logo files
  • Allowed users to upload files to be reviewed and approved by administrators

The External User Library settings

  • Allowed users to have instant access upon registration
  • Required users to enter in a reason before downloading images
  • Required users to fill out a custom form that must be approved by administrators before they can download any video content



The Results

Hawaii Tourism now has two fully functioning and cohesive libraries:

The Team Library has over 250 users and staff members with carefully designed access and permission controls.

The External Library has over 12,000 users, including partners, freelance media, travel agents, suppliers, the public and staff media.

In just one year, they’ve had over 60,000 downloads from both libraries along with an abundance of essential download information. In particular, they know exactly which assets are being downloaded, who is downloading the assets, and the purpose for each download—information they use to guide asset allocation and creation on an ongoing basis.

Realizing the powerful benefits of having separate download workflows, Barberstock now offers all clients the ‘Download Request Feature,’ and many of them use it extensively.

By requiring the user to enter a reason for downloading and adding an approval process on top of that, it adds an additional step to the download workflow, letting clients configure their workflow exactly as they please. The download request setting can be applied by asset or by user, offering robust functionality.

Learn more about our Download Request Feature here.


Visit Raleigh: Managing A LOT of Video Content

With terabytes of unmarked b-roll footage clogging up their server space, Visit Raleigh needed help organizing, managing and editing these large assets, which were becoming more numerous day-by-day.


Credit: Visit Raleigh


The Challenge

Visit Raleigh had several challenges related to their b-roll footage:

  • They had over 2TB of long, unedited 4K b-roll footage.
  • The video content was not organized or easily accessible
  • There was a lack of internal resources to deal with this footage

Unsure of how to tackle their b-roll problem, they came to Barberstock for help.


The Solution – Full-Service DAM & Video Optimization

We knew our team could organize, categorize and edit Visit Raleigh’s footage and make it manageable. To do this, we executed the following steps:

  • We asked the Raleigh team to load their b-roll footage onto a hard drive and send it to us to sort out
  • Then, our in-house production team went through all of the footage, cutting it into usable clips
  • The clips were uploaded to Barberstock’s platform and organized into Categories and Access Groups
  • We retained the 4K video files and created smaller HD sizes as well



The Results

Barberstock swiftly organized Visit Raliegh’s collection of 3,500 videos. These videos are now easy to search, find and access.

The Visit Raleigh team only had to ship in their hard-drive and answer a few questions, and the rest of the work was taken care of by our eager team. This continues to be the case to this day, as the destination continuously produces new visual content regularly.

Realizing that large b-roll files are a major pain point for many DMOs, Barberstock now offers video clip-cutting as part of our Full-Service DAM offering. In addition, based on client guidelines, we can organize content in any way you like.

As video content becomes more popular, Barberstock has enhanced our services to keep up with the file sizes and types too. In addition to 4K files, we can also upload 360 video and 8K footage too.

Read our blogs about managing 4K and 8K video files and why 360 video matters to destination marketers.