Digital Asset Management. Simplified.

Digital Asset Management – it sounds a little intimidating and technical, right? Actually, it’s quite simple. Wikipedia defines Digital Asset Management as ‘management tasks and decisions surrounding the ingestion, annotation, cataloguing, storage, retrieval and distribution of digital assets’. That’s way more complicated than it needs to be. Let us break it down for you. Digital Asset Management is taking your assets, organizing them, then putting them onto a platform so they can be easily downloaded. What are assets? We thought you would never ask. An asset is your content, your media – a file, an image, a video. But remember this is Digital Asset Management, so it’s got to be digital.

Now you know what Digital Asset Management is, but how is it useful? In today’s marketing world we all know ‘content is king’. Society is addicted to photos and videos, as demonstrated through the overwhelming success of Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. To promote your company, you need to keep up with the competition. You need to constantly be entertaining your audience through this type of engaging content. If you’re on top of your game, then your organization’s image and video libraries may be pretty darn big by now. How do you keep track of it all? Digital Asset Management, that’s how. Not only does DAM (short for Digital Asset Management) help to organize and make finding files easier but it’s a champion of distribution. When media requests come through for an image for a blog or article, ASAP isn’t fast enough. Digital Asset Management streamlines this process to help get media, clients, partners, employees, whoever, the files they need faster. This is only the tip of the iceberg, there are many more ways that DAM is there to be of assistance, but you get the idea…

How do you implement Digital Asset Management? There are numerous Digital Asset Management platforms on the market today, each with their own unique features and functionality. One thing is for certain – simplicity is key. No need to complicate things, DAM exists to make your life easier. Find the solution that works best for you and your organization. We may be playing favourites, but Barberstock just might be the DAM solution you need. Check us out, see if we’re right for you.