How to Batch Edit Metadata When Uploading Assets

Uploading files to your digital library and updating them with relevant metadata and usage rights is a snap when you batch edit.

At Barberstock, we are all about time-efficiency and ease of use, so follow along this handy tutorial the next time you are uploading a fresh set of images to your platform!


Batch Edit Metadata in 8 Easy Steps: 

Step 1 – Upload Assets

The first step is to upload a batch of files to your library by clicking on ‘Upload Assets’, and selecting the files you want to upload.

Side Note: 

  • If this is your first time uploading, we encourage you to click on ‘Please read our Upload Assets Guideline’ to familiarize yourself on best practise suggestions like not using special characters in file names, and our 300MB file upload limit. 



Step 2 – My Uploads

After you’ve selected all the relevant files, and clicked on ‘Start Upload’, the files will process and move into the ‘My Uploads’ section below.

Pro Tips: 

  • You can view 10, 20 or 50 assets at a go, which means you can batch edit up to 50 assets at a time. 
  • Additionally, if you need to add more files during this stage, you can click on ‘Upload More Files’ to reopen the ‘Select Files’ box as seen in Step 1. 


Step 3 – Decision time!

If your preference is to enter in relevant metadata and link up documents (like model releases) from within the ‘Review’ section of the platform, or via a metadata spreadsheet, then merely click on the ‘Submit All’ button and call it a day.

If the metadata is handy and you prefer to take care of an upload from “end-to-end”, then move on to Step 4 with us! There is no right-or-wrong decision here and you’ll likely use different options depending on your needs and schedule.


Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash


Step 4 – Batch Edit Order

We’re now at the meat and potatoes of this tutorial. We’re going to batch edit! There is an order you should follow when tackling this step:

  • (A): Batch Edit + Overwrite selected (only needed if you want to wipe out the incoming file names & start fresh and/or want to batch edit a ‘Download Request’ option)
  • (B): Batch Edit + Overwrite not selected
  • (C): Individual Edits

Side Notes: 

  • IMG_123 is not a good searchable Title for your file; for you, your team or your external stakeholders. 
  • If you are uploading a set of 32 images from an event, eg: ‘Comic-Con 2019’ or venue, eg: ‘Red Sail Brewing’, we encourage you to clean up those ‘low-hanging-fruit’ obvious titles in a batch edit. 
  • There may be instances where you do (A) then skip past (B) to (C) – because you took care of all batch edits in stage (A). Other instances, where you might skip straight to (B) and then to (C) – because you don’t need to overwrite. And further instances, where you might jump back to (B) after (C) edits – although this isn’t super efficient, or recommended.  


Step 5 – Batch Edit (A) 

In the above example, we want to reference the fact that these images are part of a ‘Pink Campaign’ right in the titles, so we knock that one out first.

We click on ‘Select All’ to select everything in the ‘My Uploads’ section (Page 1 of 1), and then click on ‘Batch Enter Metadata’.



This will open up a ‘Batch Enter Metadata’ pop up. As we want to wipe out the old incoming file names, we scroll to the bottom and check the ‘Overwrite existing data’ option at the very bottom, then we scroll back to the top to enter in ‘Pink Campaign’ into the Title field, and finally scroll back down to the bottom to click on ‘Save’.


Side Notes: 

  • If you’d like to batch assign a set of assets to be ‘Request Required’ type assets, eg: ‘Enter Reason – No Approval Required’, then you must take care of this at this stage too. 
  • Additionally, you are welcome to fill in all the remaining metadata fields, and assign to Access Groups and Categories at this stage too. 


Step 5 – Batch Edit (B) 

This time we will leave ‘Overwrite Existing data’ unchecked when we click on ‘Batch Enter Metadata’ to bring up the Pop Up.

As mentioned above – you may skip past this (B) phase, if you’ve already taken care of 100% of the batch edits you needed in phase (A). Or you may skip straight to it – if batch editing the Title field and ‘Download Request’ section isn’t a concern of yours.

The aim of the game is to enter in any common descriptions, keywords, etc that apply to all files selected. Categories, Access Groups and Expiry Dates can all be take care of as a batch edit as well.

Pro Tip: 

  • Don’t be alarmed if you do not see your freshly edited batch Title in the Title field, or the Download Request option revert back to ‘No Request Required’. Those edits are locked in for the Individual Edits (C) phase. 



Step 6 – Individual Edits (C) 

Once we’ve exhausted all batch edit possibilities, we can move on to Individual Edits. Each file will have its own ‘Enter Metadata’ button for these ultra specific edits.


Any batch edits from earlier will show up, and the Title field that we adjusted earlier can be individualized at this stage if desired. Eg: Pink Campaign 1 or Pink Campaign {Add Relevant Distinctive Word}.


Step 7 – Link Documents

We’re in the home stretch! If you have any license agreements, photo policy documents, model releases, that already live on your library, and that apply to the new incoming set of files that you are uploading, why not link them up for easy reference?

Once again, you do not need to do this one-by-one (unless you want to!). The ‘Batch Link Documents’ button allows you to set up in the links in a few clicks.



Use the ‘Choose Documents to Assign to Asset’ Search Bar to search by title, eg: ‘release’ or Barberstock ID number if you have it handy. Once you’ve linked up all the relevant documents by selecting the checkboxes, you can click on either of the ‘Link Document(s)’ buttons.


Step 8 – Submit

One very, very last step! Submit those files, by clicking on ‘Submit All’, and nix that ‘to do’ line item off your list, cause this task is officially done!

Pro Tip: 

  • Always wait for the ‘Upload Successful’ Pop Up before you logout. 


And that’s it. If you run into any difficulties or questions, reach out to your Account Rep, who will be happy to help!