Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Photo Library

One of the most effective tools when trying to market your destination, or most products for that matter, is photos. They are the face of your destination and are the best way to draw visitors in.  If they like what they see, they’re coming your way. But if they don’t, they’ll head in the other direction. Getting the shots and assembling your photo library is just the tip of the iceberg – it doesn’t stop there. Using your photos to their full potential goes beyond just having them. You need to make sure the right people see your photos, that they stay up-to-date, that they are easy to find, and that you have a diverse selection to choose from. It’s an ongoing process that will pay off in the long run. Here are a few pointers on maximizing the effectiveness of your photo library.


The first step in ensuring your photos convey the amazingness of your destination is the photographer and the photography itself. Do your research when selecting a photographer, ask for referrals, and make sure their photography style is in line with your vision.


You want people to see your photos in the right places at the right time. Beef up your photo library to make sure you have a vast selection of images to use for different outlets, and to cater to various markets. You’ll need photos that work for printed materials as well as online channels; you’ll need photos that appeal to younger travellers, the business crowd, and seniors, among many other target markets. Another consideration thrown into the mix nowadays is social media. Destinations are seeing great success with Instagram and Pinterest. You’re library needs to include impactful photos suited to these channels, making you stand out from the cluttered social media crowd.


If you’ve gone through the first two steps, then you have a pretty big photo library by now. The key is not to loose track of when your images were taken, where they were taken, and where they are located. Have your images organized in one centralized place. If you’re looking for specific photos, know where to find them. Once you loose track of the organization of your images, it will decrease your efficiency, as more of your time will be spent searching opposed to implementing a marketing strategy. Make sure your photos are named properly, are in the appropriate formats so they can easily be searched.


When photo requests come through internally from employees or externally from media, have a system in place. Make sure they can get the images that they need in a timely manner. Whether it’s an internal procedure or management software, there’s nothing worse then missing a deadline because a request got lost or because you couldn’t respond fast enough. Get your photos out there!