User-Generated Content in Destination Marketing – Part 1

If you told marketers 10 years ago that one of the top marketing strategies would be to generate content from the public, they would have told you that you were crazy. That would mean they are no longer in control of the content that’s created about their brand. Crazy, right? Today, user-generated content, or UGC as it’s commonly referred to, is at the forefront of most social media minds. In destination marketing, UGC isn’t just a strategy, it’s a necessity. So, why are destinations easing up on the reigns and leaving it up to visitors and locals to produce content? Here are just a few reasons: Read More

Great Destination Videos for Less

Barberstock’s President, Anthony Bocquentin, had the pleasure of speaking at last week’s E-Tourism Summit in San Francisco. He took the stage to tackle the topic of destination videos and how to make them for less. If you weren’t in attendance, you’re in luck – here’s a summary of his presentation. Read More

Implementing a Digital Asset Management System – Infographic

Entering the world of Digital Asset Management can be a bit intimidating. For most, it’s a new, unchartered territory that brings in a flood of questions. Once you’ve selected your DAM system, the implementation is the next major undertaking. Although there are numerous DAM options, we’ll stick to what we know best – Barberstock. To us, the implementation in the fun part! What better way to demonstrate the steps then by infographic (who doesn’t love an infographic?): Read More

Taking Aerial Photography To New Heights

Aerial photography is a must in destination marketing. What better way to showoff the vast landscapes and brilliance of the city lights. It not only gives a unique perspective, but also can leave an impactful and powerful impression on your audience.

The first aerial photo was taken back in 1858. Ballonist, Gaspard-Felix Tournachon, took flight in his hot air balloon and snapped shots of Paris, France from above. As aerial photography advanced, kites, blimps, and even parachutes were used to reach new heights. It wasn’t until 1909 the first camera was mounted to an aircraft, becoming the most common aerial technique. Read More

Organizing your Digital Asset Library

Finally, all of your images, videos, and documents are in one central library…now what? Organization is next up to bat! By filtering through your assets and arranging, classifying and categorizing, you’ll create a fully functional library tailored to your specific needs. Sure, it may take a bit of time, but the long-term outcome is well worth it. You’ll know exactly where your assets are, how to find them, and who has access to them.

At Barberstock, it’s our goal to make the organization process as simple as possible for our clients. We provide a number of features to help facilitate this step. Use them all, or none at all. It’s completely up to you how comprehensive you want your platform to be. Here are the top Barberstock features to help organize your digital asset library: Read More

In The Cloud

Cloud computing has seen rapid growth over the past few years and is only gaining speed. The cloud allows users to access remote servers through the Internet to manage files. No matter where you are, if you have an Internet connection, your files are accessible. Experts claim that the cloud is the future of technology. By 2015, end-user spending on cloud service is expected to be more than $180 billion, and it’s predicted that the global market for cloud equipment will reach $79.1 billion by 2018. With the surge of content and data, it only makes sense. Read More

The Evolution of Destination Marketing

From the way we communicate to the way we receive information, the Internet has transformed the world. It has affected every facet of our everyday life and how we do business. Marketing has particularly changed as a result of the digital revolution. Gone are the days of traditional advertising mediums such as print and radio, and here are the days of online videos and user-generated content. Destination marketing has certainly felt the effects of this shift, and has evolved with the rest of the world. Read More

Creative Collaboration With Clients & Customers

We recently attended DMAI’s Annual Conference where we had the pleasure of sitting in on Welby Altidor’s presentation on ‘Creative Collaboration’. As Cirque du Soliel’s Executive Creative Director of Creation, he delivered insights on working creatively with a team to fuel inspiration. He focused on taking risks, breaking rules, being original, making room for failure, and not being afraid to start the creative process. Read More

The Qualitative ROI of Digital Asset Management

When presenting an idea, a proposal, or a new system to upper management, the first words that typically follow are ’what’s the ROI’. In some cases, a series of numbers and statistics will suffice, but that’s not always the most successful way to get the approval from the powers that be. Take digital asset management for instance, there is a way to calculate the hard ROI facts & figures (see it here), but understanding the value of a DAM system, we believe, builds a much stronger case. It’s not always the numbers themselves, but how you get to those numbers. Here are the best ways to demonstrate the qualitative ROI of digital asset management: Read More

Destination Marketing Campaigns We Love

At Barberstock, we love our jobs and we love our clients. We spend our days sifting through our clients’ creative content, making it look its best to get out to the rest of the world. We see images and videos of attractions, restaurants, landscapes, people, and buildings – essentially everything the destination has to offer. The uniqueness and individuality of each client is visibly demonstrated through this content. Read More