In The Cloud

Cloud computing has seen rapid growth over the past few years and is only gaining speed. The cloud allows users to access remote servers through the Internet to manage files. No matter where you are, if you have an Internet connection, your files are accessible. Experts claim that the cloud is the future of technology. By 2015, end-user spending on cloud service is expected to be more than $180 billion, and it’s predicted that the global market for cloud equipment will reach $79.1 billion by 2018. With the surge of content and data, it only makes sense. Read More

The Evolution of Destination Marketing

From the way we communicate to the way we receive information, the Internet has transformed the world. It has affected every facet of our everyday life and how we do business. Marketing has particularly changed as a result of the digital revolution. Gone are the days of traditional advertising mediums such as print and radio, and here are the days of online videos and user-generated content. Destination marketing has certainly felt the effects of this shift, and has evolved with the rest of the world. Read More

Creative Collaboration With Clients & Customers

We recently attended DMAI’s Annual Conference where we had the pleasure of sitting in on Welby Altidor’s presentation on ‘Creative Collaboration’. As Cirque du Soliel’s Executive Creative Director of Creation, he delivered insights on working creatively with a team to fuel inspiration. He focused on taking risks, breaking rules, being original, making room for failure, and not being afraid to start the creative process. Read More

The Qualitative ROI of Digital Asset Management

When presenting an idea, a proposal, or a new system to upper management, the first words that typically follow are ’what’s the ROI’. In some cases, a series of numbers and statistics will suffice, but that’s not always the most successful way to get the approval from the powers that be. Take digital asset management for instance, there is a way to calculate the hard ROI facts & figures (see it here), but understanding the value of a DAM system, we believe, builds a much stronger case. It’s not always the numbers themselves, but how you get to those numbers. Here are the best ways to demonstrate the qualitative ROI of digital asset management: Read More

Destination Marketing Campaigns We Love

At Barberstock, we love our jobs and we love our clients. We spend our days sifting through our clients’ creative content, making it look its best to get out to the rest of the world. We see images and videos of attractions, restaurants, landscapes, people, and buildings – essentially everything the destination has to offer. The uniqueness and individuality of each client is visibly demonstrated through this content. Read More

The Impact Sporting Events Have On The Economy & Tourism

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll know that the World Cup is well under way. People are sporting their jerseys every chance they get, productivity levels at work are decreasing, and pub attendance is steadily on rise. Large sporting events have a sizeable impact on not only our everyday lives, but on the economy as a whole. In most major cities, bars are flooding with people eager to cheer on their team. Then more money is spent post-game while fans celebrate, or drink their sorrows away… Read More

5 Simple Ways To Improve Efficiency At Work

Although efficiency seems like a simple concept, it’s easier said than done. How many times do you leave work with not even the slightest dent in your to-do list? With all of the meetings, never-ending emails, looming deadlines, phone calls, time sensitive projects, and constant interruptions, let’s face it, it’s hard to stay focused. Read More

The Do’s & Don’ts of Instagram in Destination Marketing

Let’s start with the facts. Instagram has over 200 million active users, 20 billion photos have been shared on the platform in total, and 1.6 billion likes and 60 million photos are shared every day. It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the fastest growing channels in social media today.

Instagram can be a powerful marketing tool for most organizations. If used correctly that is. This especially rings true for tourism organizations. In destination marketing, you want people to see your destination. To see everything it has to offer, and from different perspectives – the locals, the tourists, the assorted generations. Instagram provides the ideal platform to do this. Plus, visual content is one of the most effective tools to break through the online clutter (read Why Visual Content Rules It All). Read More

Why Visual Content Rules It All

Content. Content is the buzzword taking the Internet by storm – content strategies, content marketing, content is king. We firmly agree that content is the way to a consumer’s heart, but even more so is visual content. Don’t get us wrong, we’re still big supporters of articles, blogs, and whitepapers (or we wouldn’t be writing this!), but who’s got time for that? People are busy. People want information and they want it fast.  After all, the average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds. To give you an idea of what you’re working with, a goldfish has the attention span of 9 seconds. Visual content gives the people what they want. It delivers messages in one tightly bundled package. Visual content isn’t only photos; it’s videos, infographics, memes, GIF’s, presentations. Visual content is dominating the online space. Still having a tough time letting go of those words? Here are some reasons why you need to take the plunge into visual content. Read More