Feature Highlight: Document Linking


Now more than ever, it’s crucial to have the proper rights in place when using images and videos. With so much content coming and going, brands need to make sure they have all of the bases covered. If you’ve obtained photos (or videos) from an external photographer or source, you need to ask questions such as:

  • Do I have the rights to use the photo?
  • Where can I use the photo (print, online, etc)?
  • Do I need to credit the photographer each time the photo is used?
  • Can I only use the photo until a specific date?
  • If people or locations are featured in the photo, do I need additional permission?


This is why we’re developing features focusing on rights management. The Document Linking feature allows Administrators to attach a single document or multiple documents
 to a single image/video or multiple images/videos. It essentially allows organizations to leave a paper trail of documents that pertain to images and videos within their library. Read More

Meet the Barberstock Accounts Team!

One of Barberstock’s core mandates is developing client relationships that are meaningful and long-lasting. People we’ve worked with have told us that they have been blown away by our open communication, thoughtfulness and personalization during every step of their digital asset management journey, and we have our talented Accounts Team to thank for that. These three women at the helm of every project are well-known for taking the time and care to address important questions, comments or concerns at every stage of a project.

More importantly, they are friendly, enthusiastic and sincerely dedicated to ensuring the success of each client, not to mention, they are all accomplished with fascinating backgrounds. From competing in triathlons to living abroad in Malta to being music trivia and concert aficionados, these ladies are all-around incredible people. Get to know Deanna, Nicole and Candace: Read More

5 Benefits of the Barberstock DAM in Destination Marketing


To the modern destination marketer, today’s digital world is full of too many assets; from documents, folders and images to videos, VR, UGC and beyond. These forms of content require robust systems to organize, manage, protect and distribute all assets quickly and efficiently.

While you might understand the basic concept behind digital asset management (it’s a system that keeps your files labelled and organized right?), you might be surprised to learn that the Barberstock DAM performs multiple critical procedures beyond organizing files. Read More

3 Ways to Create More Content with Less Effort: Streamline, Simplify and Repurpose

It’s no secret: We are living in the age of mass content. Destination marketers need to create and manage an exponential number of photos, videos, articles, ads, social media posts and campaigns on a daily basis. They also need to manage multiple channels while creating effective big data marketing strategies that get real results. It’s a lot to handle and requires content management procedures and systems that are smart, organized and efficient. Read More

4K & 8K Video: How to Manage Huge Video Files

Video has come a long way since Laserdisc, VHS, and even DVD and HD. New formats like UHD (Ultra High Definition) and Virtual Reality are now becoming more commonplace. Even modern cell phones are able to shoot video in 4k.

Beyond 4k, resolutions such as 2.7k, 5k, and 8k are also available. These formats offer the highest resolution possible, but the drawback is that no monitor or TV can display them at their native resolution.   Read More

Understanding Facebook’s Engagement Bait Standards in Destination Marketing

Facebook marketing has never been an easy task. Many brands spend months split testing, re-testing and analyzing insights to perfect their Facebook posts or ads. Then, all of the sudden, a new rule or algorithm comes into effect, and the whole strategy process starts again.

Sigh, such is the life of a digital marketer in 2018, and most of us have learned to never rest on your laurels for social media success. One recent change to the social media game concerns Facebook new ‘engagement bait’ standards, which were announced last year and put into effect in 2018. Read More

Influencer Marketing 101 for Travel & Destination Marketing


Celebrity actors and sports stars used to be the go-to endorsers for big-budget advertisements—but oh, how the times have changed. Influencers are shifting the marketing game in our modern era, and their reach, power and authority have the ability to create impressive success stories for travel brands. In fact, according to a report by Burst Media, marketers who implement influencer marketing programs can receive, on average, $6.85 in earned media value for every $1.00 of paid media.

Airbnb, for example, has leveraged influencers with great success rates. In particular, their engagement rate has been 4% due to 37 sponsored posts by various influencers. The posts have received 18 million likes and over 510,000 comments. The combined reach of the brand’s Instagram initiatives has been 966 million, according to Grin.co.
Read More

One Time in New Orleans: 2018 PRSA Travel & Tourism Conference Highlights

Earlier this month, Deanna and Nicole travelled to The Big Easy to join hundreds of storytellers attending the sold out PRSA Travel & Tourism Conference.

This conference is uniquely tailored to provide attendees with heaps of insights from leading practitioners, media and thought leaders, specifically within the travel industry.

Below are some of the highlights from this year’s four day long conference: Read More

3 Content Trends in 2018 You Should Add to Your Marketing Strategy Now!

Over the past few years we’ve heard many sayings about content and its role in marketing: From ‘content is king’ to ‘video is king,’ to ‘content marketing is (gasp!) dead.’ While there is truth in all of these sayings, the reality lies somewhere in between; content is neither dead nor still king, but it remains essential for any modern company and requires tweaking with the times. With that said, here are 3 trends we think you should add to your content strategy to keep you ahead of the rapidly changing curve.

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Case Study: Improving Efficiency Through Integration


Visit Greenville, one of South Carolina’s most active tourism hubs, struggled to get the best photos of their destination to market quickly and easily. Lacking a system to collect, organize and distribute quality photos, they were losing valuable time and money with processes that could easily be streamlined. By utilizing the Barberstock and Chute integration, in addition to the Contributor Upload Portal feature, they were able to not only organize their library of digital assets but also manage user permissions and attain user-generated content cheaply—a solution that has increased the quality and number of photos to their library, while saving the company and its employees time, money and sanity.

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