Omnichannel vs Multi-Channel Marketing for DMOs

Omnichannel and multi-channel marketing strategies share many commonalities, but they create vastly different experiences for tourism consumers. To reach potential visitors, both use multiple channels, including:

  • Websites
  • Brick and mortar locations
  • Mobile sites
  • Social media platforms
  • Online chat services/platforms
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Print media
  • Text

However, the customer journey within multi-channel marketing is siloed and the journey in omnichannel marketing is unified. Read More

The Barberstock/Stackla Integration: Everything You Need To Know

Earlier this year we announced our integration with user-generated content platform, Stackla. The integration allows Barberstock clients to automatically import Stackla’s rights approved, user-generated photos and videos directly into their Barberstock digital asset library allowing all content to be housed in one place.

A number of successful integrations have been implemented over the past few months with clients such as the Atlanta CVB, Greater Palm Springs and Providence Warwick CVB . If you’re wondering exactly what the integration entails and if you should be mixing UGC with your other assets, you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about the Barberstock/Stackla integration and working with user-generated content. Read More

Why DMOs Should Sell Bleisure Travel

What Is Bleisure Travel?

It’s not uncommon: tacking on some leisure activities during your business trip—but this type of travel now has its own designation: bleisure travel. If you haven’t connected the dots, ‘bleisure’ is a portmanteau of the words ‘business’ and ‘leisure,’ and is defined as business travel that also includes leisure activities.

This concept might not seem novel at first—after all, many of us have been ‘bleisure’ travelling for years, but it’s extremely important for DMOs to acknowledge it as a separate category. Why? Because there are exponential revenue opportunities for those who cater to the business-leisure traveller—especially with the growing millennial consumer base. Read More

A Guide to Instagram’s IGTV

Earlier in the month, Barberstock’s, Deanna Sparling, helped facilitate a workshop at the eTourism Summit focused on shooting and editing video for the latest social app, IGTV. Still a very new medium in the social atmosphere, many destinations haven’t dived into this video channel quite yet. Although, it hasn’t taken off as one would expect, IGTV shouldn’t be off the table in your video marketing strategy. With video on the up and up, it’s a cost-effective medium built into the unquestionably popular Instagram app. Read More

Top Free Video Editing Apps for Android or iPhone

Video content will be one of the important elements of your marketing strategy in the coming years—and this means DMOs needs to keep pumping out the footage at record pace. In fact,

  • Cisco has predicted that by 2020, 75% of mobile traffic will be video views
  • 80% of marketers say video has increased the dwell time on their website, according to HubSpot

To get ahead of the curve, many brands are using smartphone videos to create compelling content because it’s faster and cheaper to produce than traditional commercial means. However, while shooting videos on your phone is both cost and time efficient, it is still extremely important to edit your footage so it is clear, compelling and concise.

Read More

Case Studies: DAM Solutions for Content Management Challenges

There are many advantages to focusing on one main market. In particular, if one client faces a challenge, it’s likely that other clients are facing that same challenge too. This is one of the reasons why Barberstock continues to focus on Digital Asset Management solutions for tourism and travel. When working with tourism organizations, not only do we make recommendations and share best practices based on our experiences with clients, but we also develop new features and solutions based on common challenges clients have asked us to tackle for them.

Here are a few examples of how client content management challenges have turned into fundamental features of the Barberstock solution:


Read More

The Top 3 Free Photo Editing Apps for Android or iPhone


Alluring photos are among your strongest assets as a digital marketer, but many of us struggle to accrue enough of them. Luckily, smartphones these days can take photos good enough to use for some of your most important collateral—if you have the perfect setting, environmental factors and loads of time on your hands.

For those who don’t have the latest phone technology, nor the best timing, lighting or subjects at their disposal, photo editing apps should become your best friend—especially if you are on the go or need to get that photo cropped, filtered and unblurred quickly.

With that, here’s our list of the best free photo editing apps for your Android or iPhone: Read More

The Benefits of Housing Your Digital Content in the Cloud

Efficiency is all about reducing the number of steps you take to complete a task, which is why cloud-based Digital Asset Management solutions are becoming the method of choice for content and asset management. Not only do they store all your assets under one cloud-based ‘roof,’ but they enable seamless sharing and downloading of all file formats—which, if you’ve ever tried to convert, share or send multiple file types, is a huge time and sanity saver.

However, many people still question the benefits of housing all your content in one place. For some, the prospect of getting all their content into one system sounds arduous, while, for others, security is a concern, but with a few simple facts in your hands, you’ll see why this technology is on the rise and here to stay.

Here are 6 benefits of having all your content in a cloud-based digital asset management system: Read More

Feature Highlight: Document Linking


Now more than ever, it’s crucial to have the proper rights in place when using images and videos. With so much content coming and going, brands need to make sure they have all of the bases covered. If you’ve obtained photos (or videos) from an external photographer or source, you need to ask questions such as:

  • Do I have the rights to use the photo?
  • Where can I use the photo (print, online, etc)?
  • Do I need to credit the photographer each time the photo is used?
  • Can I only use the photo until a specific date?
  • If people or locations are featured in the photo, do I need additional permission?


This is why we’re developing features focusing on rights management. The Document Linking feature allows Administrators to attach a single document or multiple documents
 to a single image/video or multiple images/videos. It essentially allows organizations to leave a paper trail of documents that pertain to images and videos within their library. Read More

Meet the Barberstock Accounts Team!

One of Barberstock’s core mandates is developing client relationships that are meaningful and long-lasting. People we’ve worked with have told us that they have been blown away by our open communication, thoughtfulness and personalization during every step of their digital asset management journey, and we have our talented Accounts Team to thank for that. These three women at the helm of every project are well-known for taking the time and care to address important questions, comments or concerns at every stage of a project.

More importantly, they are friendly, enthusiastic and sincerely dedicated to ensuring the success of each client, not to mention, they are all accomplished with fascinating backgrounds. From competing in triathlons to living abroad in Malta to being music trivia and concert aficionados, these ladies are all-around incredible people. Get to know Deanna, Nicole and Candace: Read More