The Barberstock/Stackla Integration: Everything You Need To Know

Earlier this year we announced our integration with user-generated content platform, Stackla. The integration allows Barberstock clients to automatically import Stackla’s rights approved, user-generated photos and videos directly into their Barberstock digital asset library allowing all content to be housed in one place.

A number of successful integrations have been implemented over the past few months with clients such as the Atlanta CVB, Greater Palm Springs and Providence Warwick CVB . If you’re wondering exactly what the integration entails and if you should be mixing UGC with your other assets, you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about the Barberstock/Stackla integration and working with user-generated content.


Barberstock + Stackla

How it Works
Any image that is ‘Rights Approved’ within Stackla will automatically import into your Barberstock library. There is no button or waiting, as soon as it’s approved, it triggers the transfer of the file.



Along with the image itself, each imported file from Stackla to Barberstock will contain the following auto-populated metadata fields:

Title = Social Media Handle + Social Media Platform + Date & Time posted.
Description = Post caption including hashtags.
Keywords = Tags assigned within Stackla, plus the keyword “stackla” so that all Stackla images are searchable.
Credit = Social Media handle / name of person who gave you rights to the image.
Use Info = ‘Stackla Rights Request: accepted’.

Although the rights to use the photo were secured with the ‘Rights Requested’ feature via Stackla, it’s essential that the proper use and credit information are in place. You want to easily identify which files are user-generated and if the photos are downloaded, the appropriate person is credited.


The imported images and videos will automatically be placed into a ‘Stackla’ category/folder on Barberstock for quick and easy reference. You’ll be able to locate UGC images with one click.

The files will be active, but will not be shared with any Users making them only viewable to Admin Users. Admins can then make edits to let others see and download the UGC images if required. This is an important part of the integration, as not all clients want these photos to be available to the public. This allows clients to have full control over who can access the files and not worry that they may get into the wrong hands.

And to sum it all up…


Using UGC in Marketing

Make sure you have the rights secured before using any UGC in your marketing materials and have documentation to back it up. The last thing you want is to get into a costly legal dispute over the misuse of an image or video.

As you dive into your UGC strategy, determine what exactly you’ll be using these photos and videos for. Don’t put the effort into get rights to content if you won’t be using it. To get the most bang for your buck, plan when you need user-generated content for specific marketing initiatives and only request rights in those instances.

A majority of organizations using UGC as a marketing strategy are using it for internal purposes. They are not making these assets available to the media and public for usage. Before you mix your user-generated content with your other files, determine the purpose of this content and who you want these files to be available to.

Always keep in mind that content coming from social will be less quality and files are a lot smaller than professional photography/videography. Although this content can be repurposed for online initiatives, it’s not necessarily the best for print or larger formats.



User-generated content is a great way to grow your asset library, but don’t let that take away from your professional photography and video planning. Although UGC is more authentic and real, your audience might not realize it’s UGC when they see it. Put your best foot forward with professional content and only use UGC when it’s clearly identified.


For more information on the Barberstock/Stackla integration, please email or click here to see a demo!

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