The Benefits of Housing Your Digital Content in the Cloud

Efficiency is all about reducing the number of steps you take to complete a task, which is why cloud-based Digital Asset Management solutions are becoming the method of choice for content and asset management. Not only do they store all your assets under one cloud-based ‘roof,’ but they enable seamless sharing and downloading of all file formats—which, if you’ve ever tried to convert, share or send multiple file types, is a huge time and sanity saver.

However, many people still question the benefits of housing all your content in one place. For some, the prospect of getting all their content into one system sounds arduous, while, for others, security is a concern, but with a few simple facts in your hands, you’ll see why this technology is on the rise and here to stay.

Here are 6 benefits of having all your content in a cloud-based digital asset management system:


1. You Can Store ALL File Types without Losing Valuable Memory Space
Our cloud-based DAM system stores ALL file types in the cloud. This is especially useful for destination marketing organizations who are on the cutting edge of technology. Whether you’re creating large 3-D videos, VR ads or drone footage, or are sending and sharing audio files and documents, having one system that lets you store and use all these files means you don’t have to worry about memory, conversion or sharing issues. It also means you won’t have to pay for third-party storage or converting, and you won’t have to waste time running around the office looking for various images or file formats. Supported formats on the Barberstock platform include:

Photos: JPEG, TIF, RAW, DNG, 360
Video: 4K, HD, .MOV, MP4, 360
Documents: PDF, Word, Excel
Logos: EPS, PNG, GIF,
Audio: WAV, AIFF, MP3
Other: PSD, AI, BMP, Zip folders, Fonts, PowerPoint, Keynote

Have other files that aren’t on this list? Just ask! We can add additional file types to our system.


2. You Save Money on System Maintenance
Maintenance for internal servers is costly, frustrating and time-consuming. Not only do you have to have an IT member in charge of system functionality, but you have to update and fix the internal servers all the time, whether it’s installing costly cooling systems or de-bugging databases. For those who have cloud-based DAM systems like Barberstock’s, the maintenance is taken care of by the platform support professionals, with updates, custom features and new features added at your request. The headache of troubleshooting and fixing any system errors are not your problem, and you simply get to enjoy the ease of having a superbly organized solution in your hands.


3. Send, Download and Share all File Types without Frustrating Errors, Incompatibility Issues and Lags
Many people incorrectly assume Digital Asset Management systems are just platforms that let you store and organize all your content. In reality, they also make sharing and sending these files easier, especially with DMO partners. For instance, members and partners can upload content to your DMO’s library to be reviewed and approved by administrators with the Contributor Upload Portal. This ensures

• Only correct and up-to-date assets are used
• Only users with granted access get obtain the assets
• You avoid frustrating compatibility, formatting and downloading issues.
• Newly acquired content is also easily shared with internal and external users with administrators in complete control of who gets what asset and when.


4. You Can Reap the Benefits of Remote Work
It’s no secret that remote work is on the rise in the world’s biggest companies. But, for some, this causes headaches because their IT departments have to set up access to internal servers and databases—which half the time don’t work remotely. With cloud-based systems, staff with granted permissions can access the files they need from anywhere in the world.


5. You Have a Team of Professionals Who Do Most of the Organizing for You
Getting organized takes a bit of work in the beginning. But, you’re not on your own when you employ a cloud-based DAM system. Our experts are there to train, guide and implement the program every step of the way. We set up the system according to your organization’s needs, and then apply tagging and collection parameters that make file searching seamless. A few key search terms will find all the files you need in seconds while keeping the system organized year after year. Part of having a successful DAM system is the teamwork, as we don’t simply set up our system and leave you hanging; we take the journey with you, helping you address your marketing asset needs as they arise.


6. The Most Up-to-Date Safety Features
Cloud-based servers are some of the safest in the world. Not only are they constantly updated with the latest security features, but they aren’t prone to the large scale cyber-attacks that internal servers experience. Additionally, they don’t have hard-drive failures that internal servers and individual hard drives experience. Whether you’re dealing with an overheated internal system, or are trying to resurrect a computer after spilling water on it, all your data is saved in a remote cloud-based database, away from physical mishaps and computer failures. This means that you can access your assets even if your computer goes bust, and find all your files intact and safe even if your internal server does the same. Barberstock has a triple-redundancy backup process ensuring your files are always safe and sound.


To learn more about how our cloud-based system works, click here.