The Top 3 Free Photo Editing Apps for Android or iPhone


Alluring photos are among your strongest assets as a digital marketer, but many of us struggle to accrue enough of them. Luckily, smartphones these days can take photos good enough to use for some of your most important collateral—if you have the perfect setting, environmental factors and loads of time on your hands.

For those who don’t have the latest phone technology, nor the best timing, lighting or subjects at their disposal, photo editing apps should become your best friend—especially if you are on the go or need to get that photo cropped, filtered and unblurred quickly.

With that, here’s our list of the best free photo editing apps for your Android or iPhone:

Photo Credit: Adobe Photoshop Express


1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Did you know that Adobe has a free photo editing app with many of the same functions as its software versions?

This is good news for those who have experience with Photoshop, Creative Suite or other Adobe software products. For instance, with the Photoshop Express app, you can fix your photo’s brightness, colour saturation, exposure or use its red-eye correction or blemish removal tools.

Additionally, this app connects to your Adobe Creative Cloud account, which is extra convenient if you already use the Creative Cloud to house your photos. Of course, as is the case with most of Adobe’s products, you must have an Adobe ID to use it, but it’s free to sign up for one, and it’s free to use this app as well!

*available on both Google Play and iTunes App Store

Photo Credit: Prisma App


2. Prisma

If you want photos with a big cool-factor, then Prisma is a great choice. With over 100 million installs, this photo app is popular for good reason: It allows you to take any of your photos and turn them into literal works of art in the style of Van Gogh, Picasso and more.

In recent years, the app has begun charging for access to some of the more premium filters, but you don’t need a subscription to use any of their original styles, dailies or SD processing. This a great app for those who are looking for new ways to spice up an old photo, or who simply want to add some colour and creativity to their content.

*available on both Google Play and iTunes App Store

Photo Credit: Google Snapseed


3. Google Snapseed

Many experts have crowned Google Snapseed as their favourite photo editing app and that’s because it offers an incredible array of tools for free.

To start, it offers pro-level editing tools such as RAW editing abilities, white balance adjustment, automatic face brightening and curve fixing, in addition to more common features like cropping and rotation.

It also has an impressive array of filters, many of which perform important changes to a photo, such as modifying the photo’s depth of field, brightness and perspective. Many also love its ability to stack effects on photos, akin to using ‘layers’ in other design software products.

Something that Snapseed offers that other apps don’t is an Expand tool. Similar to Adobe Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill, this tool lets you expand a photo’s canvas while keeping the subject in proportion. So, for instance, if your photo is too small for your particular purpose, you can use the Expand tool to add a few extra inches of background. There’s a pretty good demo of how this works here.

With so many functions available on this app, it can be difficult to learn how to use it right off the bat, but with a little practice and use of their free tutorials, editing becomes a breeze.

*available on both Google Play and iTunes App Store