Using Your DAM to Build Your Asset Library

A Digital Asset Management system goes well beyond simply storing assets. In addition to distribution and organization, it can be an effective tool to collect new content and grow your library.

This is where Barberstock’s Contributor Upload Portal comes into play. The Upload Portal gives Contributor Users the ability to upload content without having any other Administrator/back-end function. The files uploaded by Contributors will not automatically be added to the library, but will go through an approval process to ensure only quality, on-brand content is added. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:


Contributors Users

Contributor Users will have access to everything a regular user of your library has, but will also have the ability to upload assets. As an Admin User, you can setup these users to not have access to any assets. In this case, the exclusive purpose of the Contributor is to upload content. However, you can also allow the Contributor to view and download files from your library if necessary.

Contributor Users are typically partners, members, photographers, videographers or agencies. By giving these people contributor access, it eliminates an additional step of files being sent to you and you uploading the files to your library. Essentially, it streamlines your workflow when it comes to adding new files to your library. Read our case study on how Rhode Island used this tool to collect valuable assets from partners.


Terms & Conditions

When users upload assets to your library, it is crucial that you have proper terms and conditions in place. These terms and conditions will appear each time a Contributor clicks on ‘Upload Assets’ and they will have to agree to the terms in order to upload.



Barberstock provides default terms that clients can use, but these can be easily customized via the system. Some items for consideration when creating upload terms and conditions are:

Usage rights: Gives your organization the rights and permission to use uploaded content.

Appropriate content: Only legal content can be uploaded.

Distribution rights: Gives your organization the rights to distribute files externally (to media, public, etc)


Uploading Files

When Contributors upload files, they have the option to enter in metadata. The metadata fields available are:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Location
  • Credit
  • Use Information

The Title (file name), Keywords, Credit and User Information are all required fields. Admin Users have the option to edit the metadata entered during the approval process.



Approval Process

When a Contributor uploads a file, an email is sent to the designated Admin User advising that assets have been uploaded and are ready for review. Admin Users can then log into the system and access ‘User Uploads’. This section will show all of the files that have been uploaded to the system and the assets waiting for review will appear at the top.

In this section, you can:

  • View assets uploaded
  • Review/Edit Metadata (in addition to the fields mentioned above, you can assign them to Categories and Access Groups)
  • Approve/Decline uploads

Once an asset is approved or declined, an email will be sent to the user informing them of the action. If approved, the file will be added to the library with metadata and automatically converted to various file types and sizes (depending on file type uploaded). If declined, the file will remain in the User Uploads section, and be sent to the bottom of the list.



As we see this feature becoming increasingly popular among our DMO clients, we are continually working on enhancements. Barberstock’s goal is to make the process as seamless as possible from start to finish.

It’s not always easy to come by good quality content. The Contributor Upload Portal is a tool that can be used to obtain that valuable content and build your asset library.


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