DAM 101: 5 Ways Digital Asset Management Can Help You

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a booming industry in our age of endless content. The solution combines cutting-edge software and high-touch personalized services to help companies completely organize and manage every piece of digital content they possess (from documents and photos to videos and music). It is gaining traction with all businesses worldwide because everyone now uses an abundance of high quality (aka: space-eating) content for their marketing initiatives, and many brands are realizing they can’t track, tidy and manage it all.

How to Use a DAM System to Leverage Visual Content

Photos and videos are your top marketing assets in today’s online, visual-focused world. As a marketer, you’re likely using the typical distribution channels to push out and track your visual content – social media, email, website, blog. Have you considered integrating your digital asset management (DAM) system into your content marketing strategy? Your DAM does essentially house all of your visual assets. Not sure how? Here’s how to use your digital asset management system to leverage your visual content:

10 Different Ways to Utilize a Digital Asset Management System

Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are not limited to one use. It’s a diverse tool that can be used for one specific purpose or various purposes. Depending on the state of your photo/video/document library and what your challenges are, each DAM offers many solutions to common problems. They might even be problems that you didn’t even know you had! Here are 10 different ways to utilize a Digital Asset Management system:

Three Ways Barberstock Can Increase Media Coverage

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is typically labeled as a storage solution. Yes, it is a depository for your files and is a great archival tool, but don’t discount its impact on your marketing and media initiatives.

The ultimate goal for DMOs and CVBs is to attract visitors to your destination. Visual content is one of the best, if not the best way to do exactly that – whether it’s through photos on your website, user-generated content on your social media channels, or videos on your blog. Once you’ve pushed that content out initially, it’s essential that it’s still accessible and available to be repurposed. Why spend thousands of dollars on a video or photo shoot if it only gets used a handful of times? Make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. This is where Barberstock comes into play.