PRSA Delegates form a second line

One Time in New Orleans: 2018 PRSA Travel & Tourism Conference Highlights

Earlier this month, Deanna and Nicole travelled to The Big Easy to join hundreds of storytellers attending the sold out PRSA Travel & Tourism Conference.

This conference is uniquely tailored to provide attendees with heaps of insights from leading practitioners, media and thought leaders, specifically within the travel industry.

Below are some of the highlights from this year’s four day long conference:

Case Study: Improving Efficiency Through Integration


Visit Greenville, one of South Carolina’s most active tourism hubs, struggled to get the best photos of their destination to market quickly and easily. Lacking a system to collect, organize and distribute quality photos, they were losing valuable time and money with processes that could easily be streamlined. By utilizing the Barberstock and Chute integration, in addition to the Contributor Upload Portal feature, they were able to not only organize their library of digital assets but also manage user permissions and attain user-generated content cheaply—a solution that has increased the quality and number of photos to their library, while saving the company and its employees time, money and sanity.

How Promoting Sustainable Tourism Benefits Destinations

In an earlier post, Top 5 Destination Marketing Trends and Tips for 2018, we discussed the rise of sustainable tourism in 2018. In this week’s blog, we will find out how sustainable tourism benefits DMOs specifically. From strengthening a destination’s local growth and economic development to preventing environmental decay of popular tourist sites, there are many reasons to promote this up-and-coming, do-good style of tourism.