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Hawaii Tourism were struggling to find a digital asset management (DAM) vendor that could not only migrate their old cumulous-databased system and assets to a new and intuitive platform, but also meet their many custom requirements in a timely and cost-efficient manner. After a thorough vetting process, they chose Barberstock because of its reputation for tackling every detail to perfection—and they weren’t disappointed. After only a few months, Barberstock was able to:

  • Seamlessly migrate all their users and assets to the new system
  • Set up two large and cohesive libraries for internal teams and external users
  • Organize specific workflow settings and Terms & Conditions
  • Add several important custom functions to the DAM for complete ease of use

It was a tall ask, and Barberstock delivered in spades. The results have seen Hawaii CVB have over 60,000 downloads in a year, and countless dollars saved in time for staff who no longer have to go through the arduous process of finding, uploading, sorting and converting every single image for use.


Hawaii Tourism represents the Islands of Hawaii in the highly competitive arena of destination marketing. As one of the U.S.A’s most beautiful and popular vacation destinations, Hawaii beacons millions of travellers from around the world to its sunny shores every year.

With the destination featuring so many stunning natural wonders, the photos, videos and digital media of the many islands are seemingly endless. Needless to say, digital asset management is crucial to their success.

The Challenge


Prior to Barberstock, Hawaii Tourism used a custom, cumulus database-based system that contained images, video footage and a Japanese site. While all were based in the same system, they all had different URLs, logins and databases which made them difficult to keep track of and organize.


Additionally, their current custom asset management vendor was closing shop; so, they needed new solution quickly. With a vast collection of assets and users, this new system had to be intuitive for both users accessing the system and administrators managing the assets. It also needed to be capable of handling the DMO’s (Destination Marketing Organization’s) complex siloed marketing structure, while addressing many important custom specifications. Specifically, the system had to:


  • Offer multiple sizes of images and video
  • Feature many download workflows and settings for different users and files
  • Be available in Japanese
  • Have a visually appealing login page
  • Feature Terms & Conditions in multiple places
  • Migrate users from the previous system to the new system and help facilitate change management

The Solution

After a thorough vetting process, they selected Barberstock for their digital asset needs. Susie Kim, Marketing Manager for Hawaii Tourism stated:

“Barberstock’s experience in the DMO world was unmatched; while many other vendors had experience in huge brands, they were not as attuned to the challenges faced by most visitor bureaus including user groups, licensing, and most importantly—value. Barberstock was able to offer support and service for a far better price than other providers, which helped win over our stakeholders.”

Although Barberstock did not have a few of the requirements when chosen, including Japanese capabilities, multiple download workflows and a custom login page, the team worked tirelessly to ensure these special requirements became a reality.

The Process

With a firm and tight timeline for the migration of their content from their old system to the new Barberstock library, the Barberstock team jumped in at full force to complete the following steps:

1. Create a Clear Plan and Schedule 
The first step of the process was to fully understand all of the system requirements and determine what elements were necessary prior to launch and which ones could be completed after the launch. With close communication and the help of Google Sheets, the teams were able to quickly create a complete list with timelines, set-up phases and workback schedules. The process was not only efficient, but allowed both teams to ask, answer and track questions expediently throughout the entire project.

2. Create Separate Libraries and Workflow Settings

Once they had created the project plan and schedule, the teams set out to tackle the workflow settings. Hawaii CVB needed two separate systems for different users and files, so Barberstock created two separate platforms: The Internal Team Library, and the External User Library. Each library had multiple access functions, allowing for seamless access and administrator permission control over each asset. It also ensured critical user data was recorded, including the documentation of who was downloading which assets, and their reasons for downloading the assets.

3. Place Terms & Conditions in Critical Areas

The Terms & Conditions were a key piece of the platform as well. The Hawaii CVB team wanted them to appear in as many places as possible to avoid any possible legal issues. Eventually, the Terms & Conditions were implemented in several critical areas:

– On registration forms (user must agree)

– On every login page (user must agree)

– At the bottom of the library

– On the side navigation of the library

– And every time a user requests a download (user must agree)

This ensured clear guidelines and legal requirements for all users, and gave administrators peace of mind about all copyright issues.

4. Migrate Users to the New System Seamlessly

With a database of over 12,000 external users, the migration of the users into the system had to coincide with the launch of the new digital library. The Barberstock team had to match the fields from the previous system to their own and ensure the merge was seamless.

To do this, the teams notified all external users about the migration via an email from the Hawaii Tourism team. Then, when the user was added to Barberstock, they received a custom message highlighting the new library and process. Barberstock provided guidance and insight to assist with clear and concise messaging for all parties involved.

The Results

Hawaii Tourism now has two fully functioning cohesive libraries:

1. The Team Library, which features over 250 users and staff members who have carefully designed access and permission controls. In particular:

– Users and staff can upload content to the library that must be reviewed and approved by the master admin users.

– Any content uploaded to this platform will also appear on the External Library and user permissions can be controlled by Access Groups.

2. The External Library, which features over 12,000 users, including partners, freelance media, travel agents, suppliers, pubic and staff media. With this library’s permission and access controls:

– Users can only view, search and request to download files.

– Users can view the content in Japanese and master admin users can enter in metadata in Japanese.

Additionally, the entire library now contains over 14,000 images, 700 videos and 200 internal documents and logos that are meticulously organized and managed. In less than a year they’ve already had over 60,000 downloads. The Hawaii Tourism team also has essential download information: They know exactly which assets are being downloaded, who is downloading the assets, and the purpose for each download. This allows them to track their most successful downloads, while also understanding who is using their assets and why.

More importantly, Hawaii’s team now has far more time on their hands to tackle important projects. They no longer waste hours answering questions and requests for assets, or dealing with menial tasks, such finding bigger image sizes, converting metadata, uploading and manually sorting assets by category. Now, they can simply choose an image size and create Collections (collections of only the best on-brand photos and files) to send out instantly.

Hawaii Tourism was definitely happy with the results too. “Working with Barberstock has been a very positive experience. We had a hard deadline to transfer all images and video clips over,” says Kim. “They were helpful in recommending solutions while understanding our immoveable deadline. We’ve been able to make our upload process incredibly efficient, saving an immense amount of time.”

“The features that I have found most helpful in Barberstock is the ability to allow vendors to upload assets for approval, to upload images myself, add and edit permissions and meta data individually or in large batches. I am also impressed with the level of customer service and dedication to continuing to improve their product and services.”

Sarah Myers
Director of Digital Content & Engagement, Visit Park City

“ We have everything we need in one place, searchable, categorized and our platform is so easy to use. Thank you to everyone on the Barberstock team for talking us through the process, being on hand all of the time regarding questions. We cannot recommend this company enough.”


Celine Beurle, Managing Director - Europe
Future iQ Partners

“The management side of the system provides us with the ability to generate reports on all activity associated with the files and users that we find to be incredibly helpful to track usage. We would highly recommend Barberstock to any DMO or business that is looking into an easy, organized way to manage their digital assets.”

Michael Reinhardt
Graphic & Video Production Manager, Discover The Palm Beaches