Categorizing, Cataloguing & Classifying

As hard as they tried, Visit Frederick could not streamline their photos and digital assets in a way that saved them time and space on their database. Working with an outdating filing system, they had far too much duplicate content across many folders, and this ate up crucial space on their internal network. It also made it impossible for staff to find the right asset for each of their projects. That’s when they came to Barberstock, who worked with their team to categorize, catalogue and classify their assets in an efficient manner. This new system got rid of wasteful duplicate content, yet allowed staff to find the right photo at the right time with a new searching convention that allowed multiple search categories, subcategories and keywords for a single photo. Now, they no longer spend days looking for assets, and have a robust management system that doesn’t eat away at their memory. Not to mention, the staff have more time to tackle important work.

About Visit Frederick

Less than an hour away from Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Gettysburg, the city of Frederick Maryland boasts an unrivaled location for discovering some of the U.S.A’s most stunning historic landmarks.

It also features a blend of hip restaurants, breweries and shops, along with breathtaking natural settings and famed Civil-War-era buildings. Naturally, with so many amazing things to see and do, this destination marketing organization manages a lot of photos and digital assets.

The Challenge

In 2017, the entire Visit Frederick photo library was saved on a network with an outdated filing system. Frequently, images would get saved multiple times in different folders, creating folders within folders, and folders that only contained single photos. This system was not only was chaotic, but it made it difficult to locate images in a timely manner. In fact, staff sometimes spent days looking for the right asset. In a bid to make the process easier, the team attempted to reorganize the folder library by putting relevant images into folders that required them. This only created more problems, however, as many of these new folders required the same photos, generating even more duplicate content that ate up even more space on their network.

As their asset library grew, they needed a solution that made photo searches easy and quick, while also reducing memory consumption on their network.

The Solution

Integration was an essential part of Visit Frederick’s Digital Asset Management platform selection process, and that’s why they chose Barberstock as their provider. Barberstock’s platform seamlessly integrated with their Simpleview CMS, and thus allowed Frederick to pull images directly from their DAM to their website. Beyond that, Barberstock worked with their team to clearly define a plan that would make their assets easy to manage, find and use.

The first step both teams tackled was getting all of Visit Frederick’s assets into one place. Then, they consolidated over 200 folders into Barberstock’s Categories. The main goal was to ensure the search function could find the right file for multiple purposes, so files were first organized into broad classifications and then tagged with keywords. By doing this, staff members could further refine an asset search using keywords within a category. Visit Frederick also used their website navigation tabs as a base to create these categories and this kept their categories broad. In instances where they had large numbers of assets for one category, they created sub categories for refinement. Files that were in sub-categories were also put into main categories, ensuring that the right photo would pop up for variety of search queries.

The Results

With Barberstock, Visit Frederick’s former library of 11,000 images spread across 217 folders are now neatly organized into just 18 categories. Additionally, all duplicate content and unnecessary files have been deleted through a thorough scanning process. They beauty of the new system is that a single file or asset can be assigned to multiple categories, meaning that the same photo can be found in multiple searches, yet there are no duplicates of images or files anywhere in the system—it’s simplicity and organization at its finest. Not to mention, there is far more server space available internally with this their assets stored on the cloud and backed up by Barberstock.

This new process also unveiled a major discovery for the destination. In particular, once the images were organized into their new category configuration, it became clear to staff which sites and locations lacked professional photography. This revelation has spurred the team to contact locations to collect more photos, and to hire a photographer to acquire additional images.

The benefits of Barberstock’s system have been manifold for Visit Frederick. Searching for a file has gone from an all-day project to a quick task, and staff now have time and tools to further refine their keywords, ensuring that users can find exactly what they are looking for in an instant.

Collections have also been a usefu ltool to promote the destination of Frederick. In particular, Visit Frederick can easily share a collection of their top, on-brand photos with designers creating a brochure, or journalists writing an article on the destination—they no longer have to send or search for these photos individually. In the end, they are saving time and money through efficiency—an ideal scenario for any destination marketing organization!

“We’re a very small DMO in terms of staff size, so having all of our digital assets online in one place, accessible at a moment’s notice, is important.”

Casey Ressler
Marketing & Communications Manager, Matsu CVB

“I would recommend Barberstock because of the ease of the platform – it makes it easier to send files and we’ve become more efficient with our asset management. I love that we can send in all of our raw files and the Barberstock team takes care of hard work, especially when it comes to video. “

Christy Ciambor
Destination Marketing Manager, Travel Juneau

“ The ability to provide photos and video clips on short notice and to share curated collections of assets has made our workflow more streamlined and eliminated the need for digging through files and sending assets via email. We love the customer service and assistance cataloging photos and video.”

Lee McLaughlin
Creative Director, Visit Tucson