“Barberstock was literally a dream come true—at least if you’re like me, and appreciate organization! “

— Stephanie Thorn
Leisure Travel Marketing Project Manager, Visit Greenville

I would recommend Barberstock to anyone looking for a modern and user-friendly digital asset management system.

The team is always quick to respond, they are helpful and friendly, and the options and functions are constantly being reviewed and updated to keep up with how quickly asset management evolves.  They are very helpful when new options roll-out and they help me understand the different functions so I can share with our team and implement the new changes. Since we moved to Barberstock in 2015 some very helpful updates have been made across the platform.

— Genoa Aleman
Brand Manager, Greater Palm Springs

“Barberstock has been a great partner for our Digital Asset Management needs. When we started, we were on a hard timeline due to our previous vendor ceasing operations. The team worked quickly to get us up and running – despite us having some processes and requests that deviated from their standard offerings for most DMOs. We launched on time without any major hiccups – no small feat when you have 2 platforms and +7,000 assets! We have since challenged the team with further requests, from foreign language requests to custom landing pages, and they have helped provide solutions to them all.


Their system is easy to use (for both admins and users) and has greatly helped manage our workflow that has helped save our staff time in fielding day to day requests. From our prospecting time with Anthony, to our day to day management with Deanna, Nicole, and Craig, they have continued to be excellent partners and would highly recommend them for consideration as a DAM platform.”

— Andrew Bailey
Coordinator, Online Marketing Hawaii Tourism 

Working with Barberstock has streamlined our asset management process. We’ve been able to expose more of our images to our clients and present our photos in a structured, yet visually appealing manner. Perhaps most rewarding, Barberstock solved our internal photo library management problem. Our team used to spend minutes waiting for photos to load. Now, the results appear instantly. We’re thrilled about the system as well as the professional team we work with at Barberstock.

— Lilly Kelly
Director of Marketing, Visit Anchorage

Would I recommend Barberstock? Oh my… why wouldn’t I? Barberstock has been a huge element in my organization and the tools they have available to us are worth gold. The Customer Service has been both professional and highly responsive.

We had another service before, and cataloging our images had always been daunting and the search was clunky. Barberstock solved all that and with our partnership with them we no longer have members of my team avoiding using our image library. Just about everyone on our team now uses it fairly often. It has made getting images to our Partners and Media contacts a snap. We would highly recommend Barberstock.

— Daniel Gering
Webmaster, Oregon’s Mt Hood Territory, Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs

“Having researched many DAM systems on behalf of our tourism bureau clients, we were thrilled when we were introduced to the Barberstock platform. The system is perfectly suited to our clients’ needs in terms of both functionality and cost. The Barberstock team made implementation a breeze, and they are always exceptionally responsive to our questions and requests. We heartily recommend Barberstock.”


— Chris Robertson
Director of Digital Services, Loud+Clear

Barberstock came in very handy when we were working with the publisher of our Visitors Guide. They could download as many different photos as they wanted to see what would fit in the publication’s layout. Our web team company also uses it on a regular basis to add new images to our website and digital advertising campaigns. I no longer have to stop to find and reformat photos. I personally am really appreciating all that Barberstock has to offer – it has saved me hours of time.

— Carol Vilardo
Advertising & Promotions Manager, Visit Annapolis

“I would recommend Barberstock because of the ease of the platform – it makes it easier to send files and we’ve become more efficient with our asset management. I love that we can send in all of our raw files and the Barberstock team takes care of hard work, especially when it comes to video. As a small organization, it’s definitely a bonus. We are in the process of accumulating more assets and having this service available has been extremely helpful in terms of overall organization. Plus, it’s made it better for us time-wise – using Barberstock has eliminated a lot of the work our internal team would have to take on.”

— Christy Ciambor
Destination Marketing Manager, Travel Juneau

“Barberstock has helped us organize our assets in an intuitive and user-friendly way for our staff, clients and members of the media. The ability to provide photos and video clips on short notice and to share curated collections of assets has made our workflow more streamlined and eliminated the need for digging through files and sending assets via email. We love the customer service and assistance cataloging photos and video and our users love the look and the easy-to-use interface.”

— Lee McLaughlin
Creative Director, Visit Tucson

“The Barberstock platform was a huge help during our recent web site redesign project. The graphic design team had constant access to our entire library of digital assets, saving our staff a tremendous amount of time and work. We’re a very small DMO in terms of staff size, so having all of our digital assets online in one place, accessible at a moment’s notice, is important. This winter, while on a marketing trip halfway across the country, we had a media request for an image, and they were on deadline. By utilizing the Barberstock platform, I was able to get that image to them immediately, something I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise, which would have been a missed opportunity.”

— Casey Ressler
Marketing & Communications Manager, Mat-Su CVB

“The Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority has found that allowing users to browse our library and select the assets that will work best for their publication has resulted in a greater selection of images being shared across more outlets. The Barberstock team has been responsive and professional, and always available to assist our staff. The LTVA recommends Barberstock for any organization that is often asked to share images and videos.”

— Georgette Hartley
Integrated Marketing Manager, Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority

“We love working with Barberstock! The transition to their platform was seamless and we really appreciate how user-friendly it is for the media to register for access. The broad range of image resolutions is very helpful, too. Overall, the experience has been a positive one and we are always impressed with how responsive Barberstock is when we have questions.”

— Tonya West
Communications Coordinator, Daytona Beach Area CVB

“Juggling photo requests seemed like a full-time job before we made the jump to Barberstock. Now our requests are handled efficiently while still giving us the opportunity to review and approve users. This allows us to make sure our usage agreements with photographers are respected and also allows to see which customers are utilizing our imagery.  The system has been a huge help and I would recommend Barberstock to any DMO.”

— Jeff Robinson
Director of Marketing, Visit Indy

“Barberstock is a valuable asset to our organization.  Their account and support team are very responsive in dealing with our requests and considering our feedback for the development of new platform features.”

— Justin Bresler
VP, Marketing & Business Development, Visit Denver

“We have been using Barberstock since 2011 and couldn’t be more impressed with what it has been able to provide our team and clients. The system offers a number of functionalities but we use it primarily to archive our vast library of images and b-roll footage, which can be easily downloaded 24/7 by media, international clients and our global sales team. The simple format, search functions and instant access has helped us meet tight creative deadlines. It has also saved us considerable time and money to fulfill image and video requests. The staff is very responsible and we couldn’t be happier with the attentive service we have received. The Barberstock system has become a vital part in how we conduct business within our marketing and sales teams, and we highly recommend this service.”

— Heather Phillips
Manager, Design and Production, Rocky Mountaineer

“I would highly recommend Barberstock.  It’s such a great platform for media storage that allows complete accessibility for our clients and the press without our staff spending hours of time in the process.  That’s huge!

I love that Barberstock not only hosts my stills, but also houses my HD video. We used to spend so much staff bandwidth dealing with requests for video of Spokane.  Now we can just point the media to our Barberstock link and “voila!”, they can choose and download exactly what they need.

No guesswork required. Staff man hours managing photo and video requests has nearly been eliminated, and the Barberstock platform has allowed us to store so much more content that our previous service.  (We won’t mention any names here!)  The fact that they sorted our video clips by category was incredibly helpful to us.

I had been talking with Barberstock for several years when the company was still relatively new to the market.  Anthony B. knew it would take more than a phone call or an email to convince me to leave an established service and go with the new kid on the block. I was particularly impressed that he took the time to fly to Spokane and meet with me face to face.  By the time he left, he’d managed to negotiate a deal I couldn’t refuse.  Brilliant!”

— Jeanna Hofmeister
Chief Marketing Officer, Visit Spokane

“Overall I’m very pleased with Barberstock and have recommended it to others who look for a solution to manage video assets. It’s easy to use for our staff and for media requests. Easy to review what video assets are available and has improved our ability to provide timely response for video requests.”

— Stephen Lane
Tourism Marketing Manager, Park City Utah Chamber/Convention & Visitors Bureau

“From a user perspective, Barberstock has made the video request process much easier for media. The ability to scroll over a thumbnail and easily preview video assets and then download high-definition b-roll straight to their computer is incredibly valuable, and has saved a lot of time. From an administrative perspective, Barberstock is ideal. It is very easy to manage and distribute video content, and the Barberstock staff is always attentive and very willing to help with any questions that arise.”

— Christiaan Boer
Communications Coordinator, Park City Utah Chamber/Convention & Visitors Bureau

Managing digital assets across all departments in my organization is an ongoing task. The features that I have found most helpful in Barberstock is the ability to allow vendors to upload assets for approval, to upload images myself, add and edit permissions and meta data individually or in large batches, and collection creation to allow me to curate images for a third party. I am also impressed with the level of customer service and dedication to continuing to improve their product and services. I would highly recommend Barberstock to anyone looking for a reliable and easy to navigate digital asset management system.

— Sarah Myers
Director of Digital Content & Engagement, Park City Chamber of Commerce | Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Discover The Palm Beaches has been using Barberstock for over two years now and we are very pleased with the digital asset management site. We wanted an interface that was very easy to use for consumers & employees when searching for our images & videos. The management side of the system provides us with the ability to generate reports on all activity associated with the images, videos and users that we find to be incredibly helpful to track usage.

Discover The Palm Beaches would highly recommend Barberstock to any DMO or business that is looking into an easy, organized way to manage their digital assets.”

— Michael Reinhardt
Graphic & Video Production Manager, Discover The Palm Beaches

“I would have no hesitation recommending Barberstock as your digital asset management solution.  It’s an organized system that maintains our company assets and allows us an easy way to share within our organization.  The Barberstock team is very helpful and responsive to our needs!”

— Darlene Patterson
Marketing Manager, Coast Hotels & Resorts

“I would highly recommend Barberstock. It is an easy to use platform and very helpful in allowing us to do CVB business. Barberstock has allowed us to streamline our photo library and have one place to share the great Macon images we have with visitors and prospective clients. I’ve enjoyed working with Deanna Girardi as our account manager. She is always very responsive to questions and will do whatever is necessary to get issues resolved quickly.”

— Valerie Bradley
Director of Communications, Macon-Bibb County Convention & Visitors Bureau

“I would definitely recommend Barberstock to any destination marketing organization in need of a digital photo library. The platform is very user-friendly, on both the administrator and the consumer side. In addition, every time I reach out to the Barberstock team with questions or requests, I always receive a quick response with all of the answers I need. Visit Spokane’s overall photo request process is much smoother with the use of Barberstock.”

— Peyton Scheller
Communications Manager, Visit Spokane

“Barberstock has been a huge help for us, both internally and externally. I love having everything tagged by keyword, and it makes searching for images so much more efficient. I feel like it has helped us get more images published because of the ease and simplicity of having the images with captions and cut lines all in one place. I would definitely recommend Barberstock for anyone looking to streamline their digital assets or gain additional media exposure.”

— Jessica Leonard
Communications Manager, Fayetteville Convention & Visitors Bureau

“I would recommend Barberstock; it’s a great system that helps organize photos and videos. When there are media requests, giving them direct access to Barberstock allows that person to select the best image – it saves both the agency and the client time. I like how you can make a collection of photos and send links to the recipient; it saves time from downloading a bunch of photos and sending out large files.”

— Allison Tweedie
Account Manager, Extreme Group (Tourism Nova Scotia)

“The user-interface is very simple. We don’t have to meet with someone face-to-face, it’s all there. There is very little handholding that you have to do. It is very important to have a tool to aggregate and manage assets, so partners are able to access them at any time. It’s not only convenient for them, but convenient for us.”

— Bryant Marban
Global Integrated Marketing, Production Coordinator, Travel Oregon

“What I like about Barberstock is that it’s really user-friendly, the different formats that are available and we don’t have to manage it – we just send the link to someone and it’s all taken care of. It allows us to expand what we’re offering from a marketing and destination perspective.”

— Sonya Bradley
Chief Marketing Officer, Visit Sacramento

“I would recommend Barberstock because it’s very easy to use, and it’s an organized, simple way to archive and search for photos and video. Before setting up a DAM, we used folders on a shared drive that were not easy to search. I like that we can upload images ourselves and we are able to send links out to media and/or allow them access to our photography inventory very simply. On top of that, the customer service is excellent.”

— Rachel Riley
Digital Content Manager, VISIT BUCKS COUNTY

“We selected Barberstock because we wanted to go with the best. Our workload was lightened and everything was much more efficient, so it really improved our overall day-to-day. If you’re not already using it, you should be. It’s something that I wish we had in place years ago.”

— Jennifer Walker
Director of Marketing Communications, Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau

“We work with Barberstock to organise all of our images, materials and reports from our global work, over the past 13yrs. This isn’t an easy task, but our work with Barberstock has made our asset management so much easier in just a few weeks. We have everything we need in one place, searchable, categorised and our platform is so easy to use. Thank you to everyone on the Barberstock team for talking us through the process, being on hand all of the time regarding questions. We cannot recommend this company enough.”

— Celine Beurle
Managing Director - Europe, Future iQ Partners

“We absolutely love Barberstock!  It saves us time, keeps us organized and makes it incredibly easy for media and partners to tell our story through images and video.”

— Adam Johnson
Vice President of Marketing & Media Relations, Visit Saint Paul

“I would recommend Barberstock to any organization like ours with asset management issues. It’s a great tool for managing and sharing resources in one location.

I like the ability to search by keyword and by category. The images are prepared in a variety of formats and sizes as well so I can download the appropriate resolution and save time resizing for web. It’s also great to be able to quickly toggle between photography and video. The administrator tools come in extremely handy too when asset need to be updated.

Storing our images in the platform frees up space on our system. It also saves so much time and effort having users search and download what they want directly. No more hours spent pulling images from a variety of places and then finding a way to send them to the journalist or member via Dropbox or other, then repeating the steps again for the next request. The system is also our safety check, ensuring that we are always supplying users the correct photo credit.”

— Jennifer Adsett
Manager, Destination Marketing, Tourism Victoria

“The team at Barberstock have been wonderful to work with. After taking on the management of our company’s digital image library 2 years ago, Deanna and her team have gone above and beyond to bring our library to what it is today. They have recommended new features that help to better organize our images in addition to explaining how these will benefit our partners, as well as internal and external stakeholders, who rely on the use of our image bank from day-to-day.”

— Shayne Labis
Marketing Coordinator, Corporate Marketing, BC Ferries

“Barberstock has made management of our digital assets a lot easier, and is something that gives us more insight into what the needs of our users are.  Before, there were folders saved in various places on computer servers, and it was time consuming to process a request for certain images to upload them to a FTP or file share site.  There was no tracking, unless you wanted to spend time to dig through old emails to determine what had been sent in a certain time range.

Now everyone on our team has the knowledge of our Barberstock media collection library, and can easily send that info to interested parties without having to forward every single request and wait for a staffer to find it on the server.  And at the end of the month, we can tell our board or stakeholders how many images were distributed to outside our office, as well as monitor trends if a certain library is suddenly being heavily utilized that we might need to add more images to.  Barberstock makes getting the right images of our destination out there much more easier.”

— Jordan Meserole
Creative Marketing Manager, Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau

“ We have everything we need in one place, searchable, categorized and our platform is so easy to use. Thank you to everyone on the Barberstock team for talking us through the process, being on hand all of the time regarding questions. We cannot recommend this company enough.”


Celine Beurle, Managing Director - Europe
Future iQ Partners

“What I like about Barberstock is that it’s really user-friendly, the different formats that are available and we don’t have to manage it – we just send the link to someone and it’s all taken care of.  It allows us to expand what we’re offering from a marketing and destination perspective.”

Sonya Bradley
Chief Marketing Officer, Visit Sacramento

“We love working with Barberstock! The transition to their platform was seamless and we really appreciate how user-friendly it is for the media to register for access. Overall, the experience has been a positive one and we are always impressed with how responsive Barberstock is when we have questions.”

Tonya West, Communications Coordinator
Daytona Beach Area CVB