Feature Highlight: Document Linking


Now more than ever, it’s crucial to have the proper rights in place when using images and videos. With so much content coming and going, brands need to make sure they have all of the bases covered. If you’ve obtained photos (or videos) from an external photographer or source, you need to ask questions such as:

  • Do I have the rights to use the photo?
  • Where can I use the photo (print, online, etc)?
  • Do I need to credit the photographer each time the photo is used?
  • Can I only use the photo until a specific date?
  • If people or locations are featured in the photo, do I need additional permission?


This is why we’re developing features focusing on rights management. The Document Linking feature allows Administrators to attach a single document or multiple documents
 to a single image/video or multiple images/videos. It essentially allows organizations to leave a paper trail of documents that pertain to images and videos within their library.


What Is The Document Linking Feature Used For?


License Agreements
A majority of Barberstock clients use the Document Linking feature for license agreements. Typically, the license agreement is between the photographer, videographer, partner or agency and the organization, which grants the client the right to use the produced content. If you have license agreements in place when obtaining content from third-party sources (which we would recommend), then this tool will help you keep track of the documentation.


Talent/Model/Location Releases
If your organization uses lifestyle photos or videos featuring people, you are likely using talent or model releases. It’s important that brands keep a record of the permission from the people in these photos to use them for marketing materials. In addition, if you are shooting at a private location such as an attraction or hotel, you may need a location release in order to use the photography or video taken. The Document Linking feature makes it easy to attach these releases to photos and videos in your library.


Shot Lists
B-roll is a very common among our tourism clients. Although b-roll is typically cut down into smaller clips, longer video b-roll is also frequently uploaded. For that longer b-roll footage, clients can attach the shot lists to the video file. This will save time from having to scroll through an hour of video to find out what is on the footage. You can quickly download and review the attached shot list for the full overview.


Asset Request Forms
Many clients require people to fill out a form prior to downloading and using content. In this case, you can use this feature to attach the completed request forms to the files requested. The forms can be filled out and uploaded manually through the system, or users can fill out the form directly in the library. If done through the library, when the asset is requested, the form will appear for the user to fill out. Once the form is submitted, an asset request document will automatically be created, stored in the Docs & Logos section and attached to the file(s) requested.

How Does it Work?

As an Administrator, you will first have to upload the document to the Docs & Logos section.


You can then link the document to an image or video in your library in three different places:

1. When editing in the main library

2. When uploading files in Upload Assets


3. When batch editing in REVIEW>Images/Videos


When you select ‘Link Document’ all of the documents in your library will appear and you can simply select the files you’d like to link.

To identify if a document is linked to a file, click the page icon.


You will also have the option to add linked documents to the Download Queue.

Have more questions or want to start using this feature now – get in touch with your Account Representative!