Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers the collection and use of data on the website. By accessing this website you accept all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. In particular, by submitting your personal data to us, you will be deemed to have given your permission for use and disclosures referred to herein.
If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, you must immediately cease using and accessing this website and any content, services or products contained in or available from this website for which you need to provide personal information.

Our privacy commitment includes ensuring the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of our Users personal information.

Collecting Personal Information

We will only collect User information that is necessary to fulfill the following purposes:

  • To verify identity;
  • To open and manage an account;
  • To deliver requested services

The personally identifiable information we collect when you use our website may include your name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, and purpose of use. This information is collected to ensure that people accessing assets on this site have the authorization to do so.

Using and Disclosing Personal Information

We will only use or disclose User personal information where necessary to fulfill the purposes identified at the time of collection. We will not use or disclose User personal information for any additional purpose unless we obtain consent to do so. We will not sell User lists or personal information to other parties.

We may collect certain information when you request technical support for our service. This information is necessary to provide appropriate support and service.

Securing Personal Information

We are committed to ensuring the security of User personal information in order to protect it from unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification or disposal or similar risks. User passwords on our system are encrypted to ensure that User personal information is appropriately protected.

We will continually review and update our security policies and controls as technology changes to ensure ongoing personal information security.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

From time to time we may make changes to this Privacy Policy. If we make any substantial changes to this Privacy Policy and the way in which we use your personal data we will post these changes on this page and will do our best to notify you of any significant changes.

Please check our Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

Contact Us

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