Seamlessly bringing together your entire photo, video, audio and document library, we save your team members time, while also increasing productivity and efficiency. The Barberstock asset management system is ideal for internal file organization, external media distribution, collaboration, archiving or all of the above.

From video and photo management to general digital asset management, our solution will declutter your database and create a simple, straightforward library for all your files. You will never have to spend hours looking for missing files, sifting through duplicate or improperly named content, or trying to control accessibility and usage rights ever again.

Here’s How We Can Help

Full-Service DAM Solution

As a full-service solution, our hands-on approach to setup includes:

Eliminating any duplicate and corrupt files during the initial migration of assets.

Digitizing, organizing, and archiving your assets as directed.

Sharing best practices and tips to ensure your team is utilizing the system in the most efficient way possible.

Our intuitive asset management software will convert your files into multiple file formats and sizes – from high-quality TIF photos and 4K video to logos and documents.

For an added level of service, we can assist with keywording assets, cutting b-roll into clips or helping out with general digital organization needs. Learn more about our Time-Saver Services here.

System Features

Once your brand content is up and running in your Barberstock library, there are plenty of features and tools to help organize, control, track and share your files. From Categories and Access Groups to Enhanced Reporting and Collections, read more about our features here.

Organize & Streamline

You have large image files, un-cut commercial footage, multiple drafts and copies of print files – our team knows how to reign all of it in so you have only the best digital content at your fingertips in an instant.

Training & Teamwork

The Barberstock team provides free unlimited support and training. From guiding you through the asset library setup process to training your team members on using our system, we’ve got your back. No question is too big or small. Our team of experts will share industry best practices and provide recommendations along the way to ensure your digital content is easily accessible, organized and looking great.

Gain Control

With all your files neatly organized, you can quickly search and share files. No more old, outdated brand collateral floating around on hard drives, no more searching for the latest version of your promotional video, and no more wasting time managing user access to secured files. With our permissions functions, you can rest assured that only the right people get the right files at the right times.

Simplicity & Support

Our platform is simple, straightforward and easy to use. Our team is friendly, professional and on-hand whenever you need them. This two-pronged approach has helped countless brands achieve success with their marketing and organizational goals. See our Case Studies here.

“What I like about Barberstock is that it’s really user-friendly, the different formats that are available and we don’t have to manage it – we just send the link to someone and it’s all taken care of.  It allows us to expand what we’re offering from a marketing and destination perspective.”

Sonya Bradley
Chief Marketing Officer, Visit Sacramento

“I would recommend Barberstock because it’s very easy to use, and it’s an organized, simple way to archive and search for photos and video. I like that we can upload images ourselves and we are able to send links out to media and/or allow them access to our photography inventory very simply. On top of that, the customer service is excellent.”

Rachel Riley
Digital Content Manager, Visit Bucks County

“We’re a very small DMO in terms of staff size, so having all of our digital assets online in one place, accessible at a moment’s notice, is important.”

Casey Ressler
Marketing & Communications Manager, Matsu CVB