We’ll declutter, organize and secure your rich media assets, including photos, videos, logos, documents and other multimedia content. With years of experience, our knowledgeable team will save you valuable time and manpower, ensuring that your requests are met every step of the way.

We developed our full-service approach to enhance the Digital Asset Management setup experience for tourism brands seeking extra help.

Barberstock’s Full-Service DAM Includes

Complete Hard-Drive Migration

Load up a hard-drive and send it our way. Our team will upload all of the files to your asset management system with any existing folder structure or embedded metadata.

Identification/Removal of Duplicate & Corrupt Files

Don’t worry about combing through your vast library of visual and digital assets before sending them to us. We’ll make sure only usable files are in your library by eliminating the duplicate and corrupt ones.

Full Content Audit & Curation

Based on client guidelines and industry best practices, we’ll thoroughly review and cull your entire brand asset catalogue. Don’t need photos taken earlier than 2000 or less than HD quality videos? Give us the parameters and we’ll do the dirty work.

Organization & Categorization of Files

If you need specific files moved to Access Groups, Categories or Collections, we’ll organize your library so it’s easy to navigate.

Metadata Assistance

Metadata can be a daunting task. Leave it to the pros. Our team of DAM experts will organize and clean-up metadata fields saving you time and an unnecessary headache.

4K/HD Video Clip-Cutting or Trimming

Our in-house production team can cut b-roll into clips or assist with other video editing requirements.

How We Can Help

With our Full-Service DAM package, get your brand on track and meet consistency standards. Archive or get rid of outdated content, while ensuring your best work is easily found, accessible to the right people and uploaded to the right formats every time.

Never worry about losing or spending countless hours searching for precious b-roll footage, photos or files. We’ve organized and tagged it for you so you can find it whenever and wherever you need it. Plus, our redundant backup process ensures your files are safe and secure.

Simply tell us what you need to become an efficient, well-oiled marketing machine, and our team will work with your team to establish guidelines and craft a system ideally suited to your organization.

Leave the tedious work to us, so you can focus on creating more content. Contact us for a quote or for more information.

“What I like about Barberstock is that it’s really user-friendly, the different formats that are available and we don’t have to manage it – we just send the link to someone and it’s all taken care of.  It allows us to expand what we’re offering from a marketing and destination perspective.”

Sonya Bradley
Chief Marketing Officer, Visit Sacramento

“We selected Barberstock because we wanted to go with the best. Our workload was lightened and everything was much more efficient, so it really improved our overall day-to-day. If you’re not already using it, you should be. It’s something that I wish we had in place years ago.”

Jennifer Walker
Director of Marketing Communications, Visit Austin

“The user-interface is very simple. We don’t have to meet with someone face-to-face, it’s all there. There is very little handholding that you have to do. It is very important to have a tool to aggregate and manage assets, so partners are able to access them at any time. It’s not only convenient for them, but convenient for us.”

Bryant Marban
Global Integrated Marketing, Production Coordinator