With years of combined experience specializing in technology, tourism, photography and videography, the Barberstock team is committed to delivering solutions and an exceptional client experience.

Deanna Sparling

Director of Operations

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Nicole Grima

Accounts & Operations Manager

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Craig Ellenwood

Production Manager

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Anthony Glazebrook

Software Developer

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Candace Coulson

Customer Success Associate

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Anthony Bocquentin

President & Co-founder

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Maryam Tahiri

Systems Administrator

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“Would I recommend Barberstock? Oh my… why wouldn’t I? Barberstock has been a huge element in my organization and the tools they have available to us are worth gold. The Customer Service has been both professional and highly responsive.”

Daniel Gering
Webmaster, Oregon's Mt Hood Territory

“ The ability to provide photos and video clips on short notice and to share curated collections of assets has made our workflow more streamlined and eliminated the need for digging through files and sending assets via email. We love the customer service and assistance cataloging photos and video.”

Lee McLaughlin
Creative Director, Visit Tucson

“We selected Barberstock because we wanted to go with the best. Our workload was lightened and everything was much more efficient, so it really improved our overall day-to-day. If you’re not already using it, you should be. It’s something that I wish we had in place years ago.”

Jennifer Walker
Director of Marketing Communications, Visit Austin